XtremeSavageXD JobBan by Toxici11i

CKEY: XtremeSavageXD

Admin’s CKEY: Toxici11i

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Job bans - Appealing for Captain, HOP, RD, Warden, and CMO

Ban Length: Perma

**Ban Date: 2019-07-23

Round ID: 5718

Ban Reason: The people have cast their vote. As the captain, onehumaned the AI, told it to plasma flood because “its kilo and it was a monkey round”. Told me to ask OOC wether or not to ban he, they said yes. Ahelp logs are specific for this one.

Appeal Reason: 7 months ago, I was new, I didn’t know the rules, forgive me for my tresspasses, I was incredibly stupid.

Additional Information: Redemption Please Glorious Admemes

Damn 7 month job ban. I dont think Toxic is an admin currently. I am on the fence though since you have three notes (four including the overturned SM shard ban) this month which is when I assumed you started playing again after a break.

All of the notes/bans are self-antagging, two are because you made a mistake or didn’t know. It doesn’t really seem like you’ve learned and follow the rules now.

Then again it is a job ban only…

I can’t accept or deny this as a trial-min when I wasn’t the banner. I’d say whoever takes it to think it over though.


I won’t lie its hard to to keep up with all the rule changes and such, like for my split personality note I didn’t know Borging myself was considered self harm/antag, and I do thank you for giving me the me the value of the doubt

Toxic isn’t even a admin anymore and I am pretty sure perm banned himself from the server so I don’t think his input on this ban should be waited for before one of you make a decision. That ban was way too harsh for action of a new player. Also holding it to vote by the public even if asked by the player to do so is never a responsible method to decide the course of action. This itself is hugely problematic/

I think it’s clear this ban should be lifted.

That’s what I meant about toxic not being an admin currently. I agree with the server vote thing. That is really bizarre. I was cautioning against it just because they seem to have self-antagged/murderboned two if not three times since February 1st. But due to the weird server banning I would probably recommend it be lifted as well.

(I can’t authorize it myself since I am babbe)

I’ll remove the ban when I get home, if anyone can do it earlier feel free to do so and lock the thread.