Xlyana Admin Report

Owen wasn’t throwing me around to stun people.

‘I threw some one on a burning pile’
Thanks to Owen I learned that if you want to kill people without the admins finding out you just throw them onto a burning body and keep them stunlocked. My best guess as to how to find out what he is doing is checking the people he is throwing for burn damage after they get thrown if that is possible.

I made this admin report because Xlyana keeps saying that my player report about Owen isn’t related to LRP. He keeps ignoring the fact that the council ruling Owen broke is the LRP antag conduct ruling. How can the LRP antag conduct ruling be not related to LRP? How fucking often do I need to say this before Xlyana addresses this? HOW CAN LRP ANTAG CONDUCT RULES NOT BE RELATED TO LRP? Inb4 Xlyana just answers with ‘They’re just MRP breh deal with it breh.’

The antag conduct ruling literally says that gangsters should not murder potential converts yet Xlyana turns around and says that conversion antags (i.e. gangsters) aren’t required to turn everyone. So the ruling says that gangsters should not murder converts and Xlyana says they can because I shoved one gangster once.

My main issue with Xlyana is this, he keeps claiming things that don’t make sense and he doesn’t bother explaining them. My most logical assumption about Xlyana’s claims at this point is that he hasn’t read the council ruling and doesn’t know or care that it says what it says.

I assume that admins want be to follow the rules, in order to do that I need to understand the rules. Xlyana is actively obstructing me from that goal by just calling my seemingly logical argument dumb for seemingly illogical reasons (due to his lack of explanation). That’s why this complaint is about him.

This complaint is not about Owen or Rod or about me defending my IC in OOC. Everyone seems to be focussing on that, I don’t even fucking care about any of that. Everything that happened so far is just more proof for me that making a report is fucking useless. Xlyana behaviour is just proof that caring about the rules on this server is dumb.

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