Xlyana Admin Report

In-game misconduct:

CKEY: GradusNL

Your Discord: GradusNL

Offender’s CKEY: Not applicable

LRP or MRP server: Not applicable

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): Not applicable

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01-20-2020

Round Number: Not applicable

Rules Broken (if relevant): Not applicable

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): Where can you find this shit? Do admins even have their own rules? They sure don't act like it.

Incident Description: I had an argument with Rod about how to read the gangster murderbone rule in the LRP antag conduct council ruling. Instead of actually clarifying the rule Xlyana just comes in saying the ‘argument is dumb for LRP’ and ‘Rod has handled it well’. Please tell me why arguing about a LRP rule is dumb for LRP. If rules are being interpreted differently then headmins should clarify them, not call the situation dumb and leave people wondering what the hell the rule means. All I gained from Xlyana’s dumb comment is that he thinks the rule isn’t about LRP. Did you mean that Rod interpreted the rule right or did he just handle the report itself well? Fuck if I know or that you care Xlyana.

Fuck me for wanting to know what the rules are and how to interpret them I guess. Not the first time that I seem to be the only caring about what the actual rules are. If you don’t want to bother with them then don’t fucking have them. Just do whatever the fuck you want as admins. Don’t pretend you care about rules and shit. Wouldn’t be much change from the current situation. Maybe I should just start kissing the admins collective fat ass and break whatever rule I like too.

Additional Information: Maxoesss Player Report (Xlyana’s post which I am talking about.)
New Rulings (The LRP antag conduct rules I am referencing in this report.)

This is Beestations offical rules and admin conduct document

I am aware it has been neglected by the new head administration as of late, however no alternative to an admin conduct policy has been made as far as I am aware.

I can say with confidence that we’ve given it more thought than you ever have. And yes, no new Admin conduct has been written as of now.

I wasn’t the one handling the report.The only reason I was the one who actually closed it was because you were asking for a Headmin. I reviewed the report and the responses Rod had given were good, so I closed it.

Because no rules were broken, which is why the report is denied. The argument you were making could fit for MRP but it isn’t related to LRP at all. Conversion antagonists aren’t required to turn everyone they see and someone killing you for something you did in the same round isn’t metagrudge.

I’m sorry if the word dumb rustled your jimmies that much.

The man burned his own gang teammate alive, and blatantly admitted to refusing to convert. I think you need to re-evaluate your definition of rule breaking sir

GradusNL was not a gang member.

EDIT: “You were already in hard crit when you were converted. It’s not his fault literally no one else decided to help you.”

no one else from the gang helped you so his actions are excused


Shark-sie tries to get arguments in not because he was involved but because he dislikes Owen lol

What do you mean by this? Over 80% of edits to the doc are still mine, and I am the original writer alongside Kev and Arfurr. Additionally, there are conduct rules that have not been updated to accommodate the new council system.

So contribution-wise that statement seems arrogant.

I was talking about the actual enforcement of it

We can discuss this privately if you want, I don’t want to de-rail this report

Kinda went over it, though I’ma ask @RodBoward about the attack logs in general, because I think he was trying to use your body to knock people down and slap their ass (He does that). Also because I wanna see if he really did supposedly ‘murderbone’ or just iced people that were mindshielded, or borgs.

Now regarding Xlyana (since the report is about them,for some reason); The only thing I could personally say that they did that wasn’t okay was the short answer that… is a tad confusing, perhaps? I guess, if you nitpick the how is the argument dumb or what makes an argument dumb for LRP, then I’d say that yeah; it is pretty confusing and leaves you askin’ yourself how dumb does LRP need to get for it to be dumb. I will agree with them that Rod handled it pretty well, but besides that, I do not see the point of this.

Hell, again, to quote what most if not EVERYONE called you out for: You did a hard IC in OOC, outed the antag that killed you and seethed all over the round. Just bringing it up again.


  • Rod did good but i still want to look thru dem attack logs
  • Xly did half bad because confusing closure statement on a report
  • ick ock bad

Don’t forget his next round blatant metagrudge move as non-antag, effectively sabotaging my antag round before the shift itself could even start. kthx 326888917489942532

Lol. He was on fire from the time he was converted until the time he died. It’s not a team kill if he set him on fire before he was on his team and that’s what killed him.

So, it’s not a murderbone since he only killed you. It doesn’t violate antag conduct because he didn’t convert ONE out of the 20 people that were on. It’s not a meta grudge, he settled a grudge of you shoving him and helping out the HoP in the same round.

But then you hard ICK OCK a traitor like you did before. It’s a constant pattern with you.

Owen wasn’t throwing me around to stun people.

‘I threw some one on a burning pile’
Thanks to Owen I learned that if you want to kill people without the admins finding out you just throw them onto a burning body and keep them stunlocked. My best guess as to how to find out what he is doing is checking the people he is throwing for burn damage after they get thrown if that is possible.

I made this admin report because Xlyana keeps saying that my player report about Owen isn’t related to LRP. He keeps ignoring the fact that the council ruling Owen broke is the LRP antag conduct ruling. How can the LRP antag conduct ruling be not related to LRP? How fucking often do I need to say this before Xlyana addresses this? HOW CAN LRP ANTAG CONDUCT RULES NOT BE RELATED TO LRP? Inb4 Xlyana just answers with ‘They’re just MRP breh deal with it breh.’

The antag conduct ruling literally says that gangsters should not murder potential converts yet Xlyana turns around and says that conversion antags (i.e. gangsters) aren’t required to turn everyone. So the ruling says that gangsters should not murder converts and Xlyana says they can because I shoved one gangster once.

My main issue with Xlyana is this, he keeps claiming things that don’t make sense and he doesn’t bother explaining them. My most logical assumption about Xlyana’s claims at this point is that he hasn’t read the council ruling and doesn’t know or care that it says what it says.

I assume that admins want be to follow the rules, in order to do that I need to understand the rules. Xlyana is actively obstructing me from that goal by just calling my seemingly logical argument dumb for seemingly illogical reasons (due to his lack of explanation). That’s why this complaint is about him.

This complaint is not about Owen or Rod or about me defending my IC in OOC. Everyone seems to be focussing on that, I don’t even fucking care about any of that. Everything that happened so far is just more proof for me that making a report is fucking useless. Xlyana behaviour is just proof that caring about the rules on this server is dumb.

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Rod had already written walls of text explaining why you were wrong and I confirmed them. Again, the only reason I was the one to close the report was because you were asking for a Headmin. The report itself was handled by Rod, who handled it correctly. I’m not going to write an essay on shit that was already said.

Then how about you say it clearly that you agree with Rod’s reasoning? Don’t come in, call me dumb, commend Rod for how he handled the report and close it. You didn’t confirm shit. And now you are confirming to me that a single shove and a great deal of bullshit reasoning is enough to ignore the rules.

You called me dumb for caring about the fucking rules. You expect me to understand the rules yet when I try to I get called dumb and you close the report on me without explaining anything. This is exactly why I don’t care about the IC in OOC and why I ‘seethed all over the round’. Why should I care when you and other admins don’t seem to? That’s a rhetorical question btw.

Close the report, it’s not like you are going to change your behaviour.

I didn’t call you dumb, I said that the argument was dumb for LRP.

Me saying that Rod handled it well is confirming him, no?

Close it. “I’m not going to write an essay on shit that was already said.”

Bottom text

damn my homie…you kinda illiterate…

How about you try again and make your response NOT retarded this time. If you have something to say then do so.