Xenomite2020 Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: JamesPlushie

Your Discord: JamesPlushie#6011

Offender’s CKEY: xenomite2020

Offender’s In-Game Name: Haemanota Laevusta

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05/18/2023

Round Number: 44805

Rules Broken: 1: You Must Roleplay

Incident Description: Barely said anything during the round and instead preferred to beat random people up for seemingly no reason, quite sure this person and the gene mothman (forgot their name) are the same person. A few incidents in particular is when the gene mothman approached sci and asked if they could enter, I told them I was a bit busy and to ask the AI, after leaving they proceeded to start attacking me, I backed up and called for help and a third party (a doctor, also forgot their name) began shoving them, eventually as I got close to being critted me and the doctor had to beat him into crit so I wouldnt die before I went to get treated. A second instance was where Haemanota Laevusta (also a geneticist) climbed over the bartenders desk and began beating him up without saying a word, I believe security detained them before they could murder the bartender (not sure though I was ghosted at the time having cryo’d a few minutes before). The final instance was in the brig after being detained where they started hitting themself over and over for no reason while still not talking.

Additional Information: First time making a report and kinda dont know the forums markdown so likely will make a few mistakes. Haemanota Laevusta did not have the mutism gene and was thus capable of speaking he just chose not to it seems.


I was HoS this round and was in the process of dealing with a perma prisoner when I heard two different reports of this person trying to kill crewmembers for what I was told was “no reason”, didn’t say a word when cuffed and jailed just started bashing themselves for the trip to medbay I assume.

One small correction and that would be that this occurred during round 44085, not 44805. Also you forgot to include the name of the other person here, but that’s fine for this report and I address that part further below. Otherwise it’s formatted fine.

As for the actual report there are a couple of confusing things here.

Both Joshua Smithers and Haemanota Laevusta are the same person as you had guessed. They got renamed because Joshua Smithers isn’t a proper name for a moth, they then later became a Pod person.

As for both attacks described here, it turns out that they were actually a Traitor with assassination objectives on both you and the bartender, and they had the Die a Glorious Death objective on top of that.
They also did speak a handful of times during the round, although they were pretty quiet for parts of it, which I presume is when you were watching them.

Overall this feels more like a newer player very clumsily playing an antag role than an actual rulebreak. Thank you for taking the time to make a report regardless.