Xenobiology wiki question

Is the wiki up to date on slime mutation toxins? The botanists were being nerds and turned me into a felinid, so I went to xenobiology to get turned back into a lizard. I thought that radium was supposed to make lizard mutation potions, but I ended up turning into a fly man, and then an abductor. It is possible, but extremely unlikely that I grabbed the wrong chemical, so I’m wonder if we did something wrong, or if the receipe was changed.

are you using the beestation wiki or the regular /tg/ one? /tg/ has certain updates that didn’t pass into beestation (fuck cobbychem luh mao)

if you are using the beestation wiki, you might’ve just done something incorrect

I used both, and they both said radium would make lizard mutation toxin.

are you able to give me a somewhat accurate rundown of what you did? im wondering how you ended up being turned into a fly

adding onto this, how much radium did you inject?

Adding radium now makes unstable mutation toxin, which turns you into a random species. You have to add something to this toxin for it to turn you into a lizard (mutagen I think)

bruh moment

fuck BOTNIS changing races the fuckers

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lynch botnis for having the audacity to change me from glorious moth master race into a ligger

As a botnis man I am insulted that you have the audacity to accuse our proud profession of turning people into liggers. Give me a gratfruit and I will personally execute the perpetrators. They didn’t use android mute toxin or turn people into plant people! It’s a travesty and must be dealt with internally by the botnis union!

Want a name? El Goblino.

thank you the Botnis Union will deal with it shortly

can someone tell me how to make moth mutation toxin in xenobio instead of having to find it with rng. it exists but it’s not on the wiki for chemistry

You can get it from botny although i never tried getting mutation toxin from benobio.

Check the GitHub, the recipe should be there
Edit: https://github.com/BeeStation/BeeStation-Hornet/pull/617
Recipe for moths is inject core with radium then mix the resulting chemical with lipolicide

Liquid gibs to turn into a lizard? Damn, time to break into the kitchen. Or just butcher mobs in xenobiology. That info should probably get added to the wiki, when some one gets the chance.