Xenobio items

Adamantine Helmet please… to go with the armor
Anyone else have more ideas?

Changling headslugs.


i’m very certain that xenobiology headslugs were added and then quickly removed from xenobiology for the same reason behind why they were removed in the first place

I know, I was being sarcastic, hence the /s for sarcasim.

tbh first i would like longer rounds so i can actually do xenobio

If you’re looking for longer rounds you wanna do MRP

yeah i have been considering it, when i play on bee shuttle arrives at like 30 min often
Its a problem for most jobs, but for xenobio when u grind for early game and do fun stuff in late is literally game ending shitty experience when game ends so fast.

Join MRP gang, you’ll have plenty of time to use your stuff.

Golem armies will never be as large as the LRP ones though.

yeah i still have a dream of creating army of spawned mobs and be a pokemon master, it would be hard on mrp with its slow pop

I played as xenobio in a cult round, where the cult was winning. I made so many sentient mobs and kept throwing them at the cult, that I even had to ahelp because I got metagruged ;d

cool as cult xenobio i spam hundreds of sheets of plasteel tho

I was FIGHTING the cult, not as the cult.

i know but its xenobio related