Xdyou mute peal

Discord ID: xDyou#1612

Admin Discord ID: Ruko

Ban Type: mute

Ban Length: long

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 7/30/2020

Ban Reason: telling a guy to off himself when he called me names in discord dms

Appeal Reason: wont do it again

Additional Information:

Yeah based betton,the guy who started calling me names in discord dms and when i told him to off himself he cried to admins and cropped the chat so it looked like i said it out of the blue and that i started the conversation.Yeah very based to bait a guy you have 0 interaction with and lie to admins so they get demoted.

Hello is anyone out there?

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It’s been a day. Give it time.

You’ve had a shaky history with toxicity in general here. It’s been long enough that I’m willing to lift it, but not without positive input from other admins first.

I do acknowledge you were provoked by Betton in the instance of this ban, and record seems good looking at your game bans.

Well, with the upheld permaban from the game I think I’ve got to reverse my stance on this - there’s no reason to risk releasing you into the discord when you aren’t able to play the game.


As above…