Xdyou banned by whyiscaeciliustaken

CKEY: xdyou

Admin’s CKEY: whyiscaeciliustaken

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Which server did the ban happen on? golden

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-08-27 17:14

Round ID: 20487

Ban Reason: Extreme validbaiting. Constantly provoking a reaction from a chemist then killing and nearly cremating them

Appeal Reason: This didnt happen.

Additional Information: I walk into science to get ma medical mech as the cmo,the chemist goes in and starts pushing people and making a bunch of useless stuff while we were low on minerals so i just flash him and throw him out,then he comes back with a bluespace bodyback tries to stunlock me and put me in it so i stun him,put him in the bag instead and i put him in a coffin in morgue(ADMIN THOUGHT THAT COUNTS AS CREMATING FOR SOME REASON).He comes back to research FOR A THIRD TIME attacks me with a syringe gun(and misses)i tell him bruh and he pulls out a saw and starts sawing me i just stun him and saw him to death.

Also i didnt provoke anyone,i didnt even talk to him.

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Also i tried to de escalate the fight 2 times by throwing him out and he came back for a third time and lethaled me.Can someone please explain how tf is this validbaiting?

He had no reason to come back to fight me,i wasnt doing anything to him.

you had no reason to kick him out when you yourself had no reason to be in here. that’s like playing being scientist who arrests people who walk into cargo. You were the cmo…
you walled off rnd for no reason. you provoked his attention by kicking him out multiple times for no reason at all. you also kicked out any other person who walked into rnd… as the cmo… for no reason… you werent doing your job at all, but your excuse for staying in RND the whole round and doing jack shit other than provoking players who just wanted a BOH was “I was making an odysseus mech”

You can’t say

despite the fact of yelling over the radio and kicking out any person who walks into rnd. you have like 7 perma bans so just stay banned bro… we dont like u

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First off,the rd died and went catatonic.I had to get medical research for all the surgeries plus i wanted the mech so i had many reasons to be there.His reason was to try to fuck with me and waste mats.

Please stop trying to shit up my responses because you are holding a grugde against me fuck off already holy shit.

You were literally there the whole round… it doesnt take that long to research surgeries… points rack up so you didnt have to stay in the room, and kick out EVERYONE who walked in… you still have no valid explanation for why you stayed there the WHOLE round and why you kicked out literally everyone who walked in

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Actually i was cheking the mini computer the whole time so i could rush and save people who were dying.I even prepared like 300 u of tricord and medkits.
Its just that there wasnt anyone in trouble

No i did not kick out everyone.I kicked out 2 people the chaplain and the chemist.I wasnt in there for the whole round maybe 10 mins MAX.I was actually making a mech in robotics while the chemist was trying to murder me…

I do not see how this was valid baiting, it’s LRP so heads enforcing space law is pretty normal, it was the chemist who kept coming back for more and upping the ante (From the information given).


Please stop replying things that dont make sense.This has nothing to do with the actual ban reasoning.I de escalated the fight 2 times and he came back third time for no reason he just to murder me so i defended myself please do not respond if you are just going to try to make me look bad.

why did you decide to kick them out? you had no business being there, so it was hypocritical of you to kick them out… still didnt answer my question

I needed to do research because there was no rd,i wanted the mech and surgery.Chemist was wasting mats and tried to stunlock me on the table so i threw him out case closed please fuck off and dont respond anymore.

I’ll be honest, I want to ask, wasn’t building a mech a LITTLE power-gamey? At least slightly? Also why not ask Science to do what you needed, I’m almost certain there was more than the RD there.

Its LRP my friend,there was no science and the rd died and went catatonic.

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Why’d you kick out the chaplain??? the chemist stun locked you because you tried to kick him out just for making a bag of holding… thats not ‘wasting mats’. you literaly had no reason to kick them out at all

He wasnt making a bag of holding,he was making bluespace body bags which he tried to put me in and carry me around same for the chaplain.Why are you responding to this you werent involved please stop peanut gallerying and shitting up my appeal.

Ah, then perhaps this isn’t my spot to interject, I’m not as familiar with Golden’s…more chaotic choice of gameplay. My apologies, I can simply sit back and watch. I would, however, suggest being a little more kind to others, you are ‘shitting up’ your own appeal by showing you can’t be considerate to others, and it would be very difficult to get back on if you, to use the term, bite the hand that feeds you.

Well he woudnt stop repeating the same stuff over and over again,he wasnt even involved he just has a grudge against me…

@admins can someone lock the thread until admins check logs and post their opinions

I’d second that choice, to fully understand it would be best to check the logs and see exactly what happened that day.