Wueues third mentor app after taking a break from ss13

Your CKEY: Doktorwueue

Your Discord: wueue#5150

How long have you been playing ss13?: for 3 years and like almost 4 month now.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: i dotn knwo who too ask but i think some people would vouch for me?

Game Experience (More Detailed): i have lots of robo experience ( 877 hours currently) so i would say i have soem understanding of thats job the rest of my hours are mostly evenely distributed among miner, AI and engineer. all in all i have understanding of most fields expect atmos and toxins.



hasn’t made me a phazon bounty yet, terrible


no peanut posting with real votes @taylor
you’ve been a mentor twice now over you know your stuff

  1. Can you give a pAI access to department radios?

  2. How do I make a MULEbot run someone over?

  3. How does a Universal Recorder work?

  1. i am not really used to pAIs so i dotn exactly know this
  2. i think it was either disableing their safetys or emagging them or both.
  3. i myself havent really worked with circuits before but i think i should get ot it as it seems fun so i honestly at the moment cant answer thsi question.

How do you change the colour of grass in botany

How do you change the colour of light-up floor tiles

I know a traitor is on the station as CE, and I think they might be trying to break into my office. Where can I put my valuables, so they don’t get stolen while I’m out doing CE things?


  1. first you need to mutate grass into fairy grass ( grass can either mutate into carpet or fairy grass if you splash atleats 5u of unstabel mutagen on it) then extract a the biolumiessence of others plants from them via the machien in botany, remove the biolumense from the fairy grass and add the new one. i myself love pruple so i get the prupel lumiessencse from oonndlfowers ( mutatted sunflwowers) and at it to the fairy grass to make it purple.
  2. i thing you just alt click them ( correct me if i am wrong as i havent dont it in a long time).
  3. this is a bit iffy either your lcoker or if you have it a wallsafe.

CE doesn’t have a wallsafe -1 -1 -1

Just kidding, yeah Wueue knows his stuff. +1

You can just assume my +1 based on hours, but I’ll ask a couple questions just for good measure.

  1. I’m a traitor, how I practically subvert the AI?
  2. I’m a clock cultist but don’t know how this works, what do I do?

The only map people vote for :v

  1. since we have new stuff for uplaods and such there are two ways basically. one loud and one silent. for loud just get an upload and a robotics console and get the code . this will produce a message in common channel wanrign peopel of this and where it happens. for silent you have to get RD access . then do the same thing as before but it does nto produce a warnign and ( uncertain) doenst take a bunch of time. then just get your law boards and use the code on the AI upload to subvert. also scramble the code so if they are onto you subvertign and gettign codes themselves you can screw them over.
  2. best thign is to ask mentors for help, read the wiki for a basic how too , the pop up helps a bit too . Also askign your fellow cultists for help on what does what or the emminence cna help to just dotn be afraid to ask ;3
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  1. Fair enough, first you have to have a pAI, get it to install the Radio Encryption thingy for itself, then grab the pAI in a card form and insert an Encryption Key from whatever headset.

  2. Disabling Safeties, yep. Emagging it only unlocks the controls, weirdly enough. Pulse all wires until finding the one that flashes external things and such and so forth.

  3. Universal Recorders are just, laying around, not Circuits. You can slap tapes into and out of them, and similar to how the Portable Seed Extractor works, you can right-click em to open a context menu to playback and record and eject and such.

You have so many hours +1, but always remeber the wiki is your… vauge friend who knows some things, such as what a Universal Recorder is.

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Only constant roboticist I’ve seen for a while. Seems to know what they’re doing.

TRAX says hello.


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ex mentor and ex admin, not many mechanics have changed since they took a break either


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Hope you had a nice break.




Definitely a full sentence.

If my +1 wasn’t obvious, +1
for a T:+7

Unless I miscounted

I totally definitely can count. Yep. Definitely.

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Little more needs to be said. It’s wue, for christ’s sake

small bump so more mentors and admins can check it out ;3