Wueues hopefull return as a Mentor

Your CKEY: Doktorwueue

Your Discord: wueue#5150

How long have you been playing ss13?: for over Three years now

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: I dont know who to ask for a vouch but i have been on Bee for a long time now so maybe multiple people?

Game Experience (More Detailed): I have lots of experience playing as a robotisist and otherwise general knowledge of other departments.


Feel free to ask me question i will try to answer them in time

These are from when I asked questions on Gatlings application, they never got answered so might as well reuse them

“What are some ways I can get shocked by doors without convulsing and taking damage if I don’t have any insuls?”

“How can I make Bath Salts? Where can I get most of the ingredients for it?”

“How can I increase the shock damage on a door as AI?”

“My virus extrapalator is detecting a disease but not showing what it is??? Help???”

to the first : i think it was a drink just called grey bull which made you schock immune while it is inside your system. it can be obtained from vending machines ( dont exactly know if you have to hack them for it)
to the second: i am not so well versed in chemistry but from the List needed to make it ( i pulled the recipe from the wiki) salpetre can be obtained from chem dispenser, space cleaner can be easily made in chemsitry too, bad food is obtained from burned mess i think?, enzym can easily be obtained from the kitchen or botany, nutriment is in most normal plants so thats an easy ingredient too, tea comes from teas and mercury again can be obtained from the chem dispenser again. to get bath salt you need 1u of everything ( 2u of everythign and so on for more of coruse) and then heat it too 374k degrees
to questions 3: turn up the SMES output in engineering so there is more power in the grid to roast people
to question 4 i sadly do not know how the extrapolator works as i havent played virolgy much

good answers for what you do know, going to help ya a bit though

  • grey bull does make you shock immune, but other ways can also be insulated gene, and im drawing a bit of a blank right now on the third one because of adhd but there is a third cause i remember knowing it when I asked

  • It’s easy to miss on the wiki page, but you can upgrade your extrapalator by taking out its scanning module (screwdriver) and placing a more powerful one in there. Depending on your scanning module some viruses will be too stealthy or you can’t extract certain symptoms out of a virus because your extrapalator is unupgraded

I ain’t a mentor so I can’t vote, good luck on your application! o7

edit: Found it, third way is programmed insulation in nanites (assuming that isnt out of date info)

  1. “Hey is this server considered MRP like TG or HRP like Bay?”

  2. Whats the quickest method to make a SM singulo delam as traitor?

  3. “Yo, the mime broke her vow of silence and is speaking. Can I kill her for being valid?”

  4. “Hey, how do I craft Anomalous virus food to get my virus with level 9 symptoms?”

  5. What is the difference between Insulates Gloves and Budget Insulated Gloves? What different qualities can the Budget gloves have regarding shock?

  6. What’s the difference between a villain and a super-villain?

  1. Beestation is MRP server
  2. Best way i can think of is disabling the scrubbers and just pumping as much and as many gasses into the SM chamber as possible. If you done everythign right it the message shoudl change to a Critical mass delamination instead of a normal one.
  3. No you cannot.
    4.per unit you need 1u of Virus Food and 5u of laughter for 1u of anomalous virus food. laughter can be made of 1u of sugar and 1u of Banana juice.
  4. Insulated gloves always protect you from schock and budget only sometimes
  5. i have no clear cut answer to thats but mostly super villains are around longer as normal Villans and do much more vile/evil things

lets not beat around the bush you got time under your belt so unless you fuck up the questions badly you got the 1’s under your belt

  • how do i teleport people onto our ship and rescue my incapacitaed teammate as an abductor

  • how do i dissasemble a door

  • what’s the AI private channel key

  • can i bomb the bridge to kill 1 target with a maxcap

  • what’s rezadone what does it do

1.i sadly am not a abductor player so i do nto know how to do this sorry
2. ( for the lazy)= grab a RCD → set it to deonstruct-> apply RCD to door-> wait a bit-> door gone
for the none lazy. weld the door shut(on harm intend), expose the wires,cut the power wire while keeping the bolts up (important) ( if you can reach the wiring remove the protection with a welder and i think it was a crowbar?)
then crowbar out the electronics, then cut out the wires then unsecure and and atlast welder it to deconstrcut the door frame
3. o
4. i would tell them to ahelp as this is a question for admins not mentors
5.rezadone is a “unique” healign chem made out of carptoxin,

  • use the scientist’s tool to select the target(non remotely). however you may use it remotely. even trough the camera monitor to scan your partner. once scanned you may pull (i recomend you remember that and most other midrounds. they tend to be common topics)

  • very nice true engineer

  • yes kinda. lately ive been loosing my mind since it’s beeen working with : and not .
    i swear either they changed it or im loosing my mind

  • g o o d

  • code dived answer or not its good

well considering your good answers to me and others and your very solid time
take it its yours

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Hi Woobert:

  1. How do you make a new AI?

  2. IPC is deaf (not trait related), is there a way to fix that?

  3. How do you revive IPCs?

  4. Do IPCs have blood?

Current: T:+2

  1. you need 4 pieces of plasteel, a AI core board, some cables, a screwdriver, wrench, 2 pieces of reinforced glass and most importanly a functioning MMI(with a brain) or a positronic brain. first you make a AI core with the 4 plasteel , then you wrench it. afterwards you insert the the AI core baord and secure it with the screwdriver. then you add the cables to the assembly.
    Now you need a active posibrain or MMI with a brain in it and put it in. then you add the refinforced glass to it and screwdriver it. and voila a new AI.
  2. i woudl check first if they have audio sensors or if they are damaged ( they coudl also possibly just be near an explosion it takes quite a while to fade) if they are or dont have any i would do surgery on their head and repalce the sensors ( audio sensors are printable in the exofab one IPC parts are researched)
  3. in most cases you just need a welder ( with enough welding fuel) and cables to fix an IPc. Welding for brute damage(denting) and cables for burn . for toxin damage you would need system cleaner or solder. if their health reaches a certain treshhold they will reactivate.
  4. IPC do not have “blood” but oil instead

old mentor returning
good answers


needs more assistant hours tho smh

Works for me, +1



Welcome back! Ping me like usual >:| if you’re missing any perms and stuff anywhere.