Wrill, Unknown player report

In-game report:

CKEY: Yuliy

Your Discord: Harry.K#1661

Offender’s CKEY:Wrill, Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Blitz, Saul Parker

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01-25-2023

Round Number: 42142

Rules Broken: Rule 3, 9

Incident Description: CE, the acting captain, abandones his job to maintain the AI laws. AI who had a modified law to make peoples laugh by following their orders, permanently kills 2 peoples despite the person who ordered to kill, has died.

Additional Information: First starting off with CE, since that’s reasonable.
Saul Parker, the CE, has failed to maintain the AI’s laws by abandoning his duties as an acting captain, allowing the antagonists to change the AI upload.
Also, they failed to secure the nuclear authentication disk, allowing that as well to be fallen down to the antagonist’s hands, not even from having a threat of their lives to take over that nuke disk.
Let alone that nuke disk has been abandoned somewhere in the corner (It re-spawned on the holodeck) when some shenanigans happened later on, yet he didn’t even thought of recovering it as an acting captain.

Next up, Blitz, the AI.
They had these form of lawsets, after getting a law change from the antagonist.

However, Jesus Oppenheimer, who told to the AI it would be very funny that if Eats-The-Crew, and Margarita Alis, has died during some shenanigans between the explorer team who was on self-defence.
This results that no matter what AI does, Jesus Oppenheimer can’t laugh or be filled with joy, unless AI focuses on reviving Jesus Oppenheimer first.
Despite that, AI instead focuses on killing Margarita Alis not once, but twice, permanently killed, and killing Eats-The-Crew as well.
Jesus Oppenheimer, meanwhile, remained dead in the medical bay during whole murder spree of the AI’s has been going by.

I have already been bwoinked for this by @wilsonph.

I killed 2 nonnhumans and a sentient carp. That is not a murder spree.

Perhaps gibbing them was overboard, yes.

I did not know jesus was dead until the evac shuttle had left. I was focusing on killing eats and margarita to make the crew laugh and did not notice, because I was told it would be funny.

You are correct that they cannot laugh if dead… except I interpreted this law differently. It does not say all crew must laugh, so a few non-laughing crew wouldn’t be a problem if I got the rest to laugh.

I do not recall you announcing their death whether by communications radio, or announcement system, but only sending a PDA message directly to Jesus Oppenheimer.

Yes, that is correct. I intended for them to laugh.

Damn boi that was a law 4, it didn’t go over law 1 of never hurting crew so you couldn’t hurt crew to follow this law.
Wait it wasn’t crewsimov but asimov, these filthy xenos are fair game then.