Wrill Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Wrill

Your Discord: Wrill#3352

How long have you been playing ss13?: I’ve been playing SS13 since November last year.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: WilsonPH

Game Experience (More Detailed):
I’ve got 1065h on bee (844h living/221h dead), and 300h on TG (270h living, 30h dead.)
Main jobs are botany, atmos and AI. I’d say I’m fairly good at atmospherics, botany, virology and engineering. I also have some basic medical knowledge and could say I’m decent in combat.

I can do fusion, setup any SM, grow any plant (besides kudzu and rainbow bunch) in less than 20 minutes and make self revival viruses. I would also consider myself moderately experienced in quantum pranking theory.

I have lacking antag experience though, I haven’t played wizard or malf, never won as nukie (but did as loneop a few times) and am quite terrible at holopara.

Currently my main jobs are botany and atmos, but I’ve been trying to branch out and learn others too recently.


Alright, let’s get this started

  1. How do I upload laws directly to a cyborg?
  2. The cloning console gives me an error, saying that the subject’s DNA is too damaged. How do we revive this person?
  3. I’ve found a uranium artifact in maints, what does it do?
  4. How do I repair this door? It stays open no matter what I do and when I examine it, it says the panel is smoking slightly.
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i got soem questions too.

  1. someoen asks where he can get the codes for the AI upload.
  2. from what plant can i get purple biolumiessence?
  3. how do i charge my baton?
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  1. You can either open the cyborg’s panel by unlocking it with an IDcard with access or an emag, and then crowbarring it so that you can directly use the law module on it, or you can use a special cyborg upload computer in the AI upload room. If the cyborg is synced to an AI, you may have to unsync it by removing its cell, screwdrivering it and then using a wirecutter to cut the AI wire.
  2. Try removing their brain, and inserting it into another body (you can give a monkey mutadone to get a human, which you can kill for a free body.)
  3. You can find it what it does by using various items such as a multitool, analyzer or igniter on it, though some artifacts will also activate when picked up, used in-hand or thrown.
  4. That door has been opened using an emag. To fix it, you’ll need to open the panel with a screwdriver (some doors have shielding, which will need to be removed), then crowbar the electronics out, and replace them with new ones (don’t forget to set the access requirements by using it in-hand), you can then screwdriver the door to finish rebuilding it.
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  1. Yep!
  2. Yes, but I do have to mention that ‘monkeyfied’ is now mutadone resistant.
  3. Yes again.
  4. Correct too!

+1 please ignore that I totally forgot to add this
I must mention that you’re the guy who gave me extensive Botany tips, showed me how to do Fusion and do CO2 SM set ups. I’ve also seen him giving advice to other players too. This goes to show that you are extremely willing to teach other players stuff, which is ,well, one of the main qualities for a mentor.

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  1. AI upload codes can be extracted from the robotics control computer in the RD’s office, or any others like it (you can even build one yourself!). If you try extracting it without the proper access, it’ll send an alert over common and give the name of the room it’s in.
  2. You can’t get purple bioluminescence from any plants in the vendor, or their mutations. What you can instead do is use 2u doses of mutagen on it for a 3% chance to get a random trait. After a lot of doses, you’ll get a random kind of bioluminescence, if you get bioluminescence but not the right color, you will need to start over with a new plant.
  3. You can either use a screwdriver to remove the cell and swap it with a new, charged one (or perhaps a better cell than before), or you can put it into a recharger. Once your baton is recharged, the recharger will begin to flash yellow instead of green.
  1. yup
  2. you can get pruple biolumiessence from moo0nflowers ( mutation of sunflowers) as far as i am aware of
  3. good.
    ill give you my +1
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How do I get a sentient lavaland pet

What are these alien organs I found in maint? Can I use them?

How do I learn smoke spell

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  1. You can use a regenerative core on a lavaland elite spawner (they look like red pustules, and have the “menacing signal” name on a GPS) to make it spawn a sentient elite. These are very dangerous, since they’re a lot smarter than normal elites, but if you kill them they have a chance to drop a shard item which you can use to revive them and keep them as a pet.

  2. Alien organs come from “xenomorphs”, very dangerous creatures that hit hard and move fast. Their organs can provide various effects, such as thermal vision and the ability to make walls and floors out of resin. You can use them by replacing your own organs with them, though they might be a bit too damaged to begin with, you can repair damaged organs by putting them in a max upgraded organ fridge.

  3. The chapel office starts with a spellbook which you can read (use in-hand) to learn smoke. It can only be used once though, so usually the chaplain uses it straight away.

A medical question, and a shaft miner question, suffering.

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Helloo first time asking questions:

  1. What pressure does the trit for the oxy mix need to be at toxins??
  2. Why am I losing my legs?
  3. Can I release TB?
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  1. How do I make a Larry?

  2. how do i record hologram

  3. Why is this guy dying from toxins?

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  1. You need 40 mols of trit at 43k (kelvin) in the 02 tank.
    (I don’t know how to do toxins, I was just told 40 mols at 43k earlier.)
  2. Are you near a delimber anomaly? If you are then run away! Otherwise, you can lose your legs from taking enough damage to them or being hit by special syndicate drones that have a 50% chance to delimb you.
  3. Theoretically yes, nukies are able to purchase gas grenades containing it. If you’re asking about rules, please ahelp instead!
  1. You can print a larry frame at any autolathe, and then use a robot arm (right or left works) and a proximity sensor on it to create a fully functional larry. You can also use a pen on it before you finish to give it a fun name.

  2. You can print holodisks from an autolathe, and insert one into a holopad, then open the holopad’s menu and press the button that says record. Don’t forget to stop recording when you’re done.

  3. Try using a health scanner in-hand to swap the mode to chemical scan, then use it to see if they have any poison in them. If there’s no poison, you should swap back to vitals scan to see if they have any damaged organs. If they don’t have any poison or organ damage, they might have a special brain tumour called a “festering ooze” which needs to be removed by surgery, a stealthy virus or corrupt nanites.

I was referring to abductor fleshy masses, but your answer still makes sense given the limited info

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  1. mm Question was about pressure and not exact amount, but it was a trick question to begin with so lets go with a :+1:
  2. The context of this question was the asker being an oozeling and loosing too much blood, but the answer is good without the context provided, so :+1:
  3. Didnt fail the ahelp check :+1: and you can also get it from maintspills

Id be happier with a little more medical hours, but more than happy to give a +1

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  1. Yep

  2. Yep!

  3. Yep yep!

+1, very good answers, get in here.

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mentos not adding up the totals and making me count…

It’s +4 right now.

  1. How do I speak through a holopad as an AI?
  2. How do you sabotage a power cell?
  3. “The chemist turned himself into a zombie, can I kill him?”
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  1. Click on the holopad to project a hologram, and then use :h to speak through it. You might need to click twice though.

  2. You can inject liquid plasma (grind plasma sheets) into a cell to sabotage it. Remember, more power is more boom!

  3. If you’re asking about rules, please ahelp instead! But if you want to kill a zombie, don’t get close, a single hit from their claws is enough to infect you.

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  1. Great.
  2. Perfect answer.
  3. Very good, you didn’t get tricked. Bonus question: How did the chemist turn himself into a “zombie”?

+1 from me
T: +5

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