Wormfarmer Player Report

CKEY: bingbong33
Your Discord: BingBong#0156
Offender’s CKEY: wormfarmer
Offender’s In-Game Name: Roger Curry
Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage
Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11-06-2022
Round Number: 41243
Rules Broken: #2
Incident Description: Brig Physician valid hunts traitor.
Additional Information: The Incident occurred outside of the Head of Personnel’s office. As a traitor, my goal was to steal the head of personnel’s id in order to steal armor from the RD’s office. This was to satisfy an objective. Currently I’m using the stealth implant that turns you into an invisible box. I am now approached by a brig physician at the HOP entrance. I am bumped into and my stealth is disengaged. I make an attempt to run, but the physician is chasing me. They then attempt to flash and apprehend me. I pull out my pistol and start shooting, while running away. I decide the coast is clear and activate my stealth implant. A moment later I see the brig physician running in a zigzag motion attempting to hit every tile. The brig phys hits me and deactivates my stealth. On the run again I finish off my second to last magazine. I manage to lose the attacker inside the crew locker room. I then activate the stealth implant then hide and reload. Attacker runs into the open airlock and checks every tile. Caught again, I run away and start shooting. I am now running away around the entire station dumping my last magazine. Attacker catches me with a bear trap and in my last desperate move i resort to punching. The attacker then kills me with fists and a plant. I am then dragged to brig where they are the only person on security. They then revive me in brig. Physician then cuffs me (with handcuffs?) and brings me to a cell. At this point the shuttle has been called and is waiting for crew to get onboard. I confront the physician for chasing me down. They leave me, in the cell, without a sentence. At this point i have been messaging the admins. A while later the physician lets me out, and drags me to departures. At this point it is too late and the shuttle leaves.

Rule 2: No Powergaming.

Rule 2.2 “You should not be seeking gear you have no roleplay justification for having, (why would a brig phis have bear traps?) nor should you ever generally be rushing into danger unless it is part of your job

Rule 2.3 "Normal crew members are not experienced soldiers. You should generally call for help, rather than intervening directly."

You should generally attempt to flee from combat or dangerous situations.

  • You can be involved in minor physical altercations between crew members that result from roleplay
  • Security are always permitted to charge into danger, but should not be carrying items outside of the scope of their job the same as other crew.
  • Heads of staff are permitted to defend their own department and subordinates, but should not be patrolling the station for threats unless there is no security. (Roger was the only security alive. Though not a head of staff)


Adjective: Someone who can be killed per the rules, usually on grounds of being a loud traitor. Verb: The act of deliberately seeking out and/or killing a valid individual. An inherently controversial subject.

Proof that brig physicians are not a security role:

Supervisors for Brig Physician: Chief Medical Officer

Duties: Keep security and prisoners’ nice and healthy

Quote from wiki: “You are not a security officer, nor are you mindshielded. You are similar to the Lawyer - a civilian who works in Security and does a job to assist them, unless you are promoted to the same role as a Security.” (When I confronted Roger as to why they were doing the security officer and warden’s job, they didnt mention a promotion.)


Took a bit of time because this was a lowsec round. However, after thinking on it and reviewing logs, I think the brig phys would have reacted the same way, regardless of pop.
They basically saw you commit a crime where no one was in immediate danger, and jumped on you to perform a citizen arrest. It is worth noting that you escalated to lethal immediately, hence why they escalated themselves, but they were still the aggressor.

Report Accepted

Forgot to include, round ID for this report was 41242.