Wolf245 Banned By Bloons3

CKEY: Wolf245

Admin’s CKEY: Bloons3

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: All

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Week

Ban Date (05/28/2021):

Round ID: 30063

Ban Reason: LRP Round 29752 \ Gave out AA to as many people as possible, including antags \ This ruins the round

Appeal Reason: If this is the round I think it is, I feel that it is hyperbole as elaborated in the section below

Additional Information: While I cannot confirm if the round im thinking of is the round in question its the only round I can recall that would fulfill the criteria, but i’ll be broad as possible as I do not think i’ve broken rule 4.10 at all.

Im very protective of AA whenever I get it and so theres only three situations I give out AA as a non head and thats if they help me steal it, They caught me giving myself AA and I buy their silence with it, or if they save me from a dangerous situation.
While i’d defend myself on the round in question, that was over 300 rounds ago and I genuinely can not be certain if the round I think it is, is the round it occured in.

If im wrong and I genuinely did hand out AA like a maniac then im perfectly happy to serve the full ban, No evidence required other than your word. Also if theres a place to check rounds can I recieve a link, I’d ask on discord but well, I cant link my account due to the banning

I hope bumping isnt an issue. Even if the ban is nearly over, I do want to know if the ban was justified or if there was just some small misunderstanding.

Still here @bloons3 ?

You broke into Bridge for AA, which is acceptable, but then distributed it to others.

Additionally, at the end of the round, you bragged that you gave away all access to three people who turned out to be antags.

Alright now we’re getting somewhere., and this is the round I think it is, So your saying, I didnt “hand it out as many people as possible” and the people who I gave this AA to where the people who broke in with me, With the exception of the chaplain who had seen me giving myself all access, I believe that sharing access with people who help you steal it is a decent “IC Reason” and while i’ll admit I knew one of them was an antag due to being dead earlier in the round I didnt want to use ghost knowledge and just gave him AA on the fact that he was also shot by the HoP as we both tried to steal AA

Also im calling bullshit on the bragging about handing it out. Another note is I dont think all three of them were antags, but I cant be sure enough to dispute it.

OOC: Wolf245/(Bridget Bean) “First three people I gave AA to, were all antags.” (CentCom Recovery Ship (203, 83, 1))

well this is going to turn into he said, she said, but I wasn’t bragging when I said that, That was me stating a fact and also admitting that I may have screwed up. I didn’t go hunting for antags to hand out AA to, it was just a coincidence I thought was funny enough to point out.

edit instead of a reply
So im going to look at this ban appeal with the certainty that I have now. So

Gave out AA to as many people as possible, including antags
I didnt give out AA to as many people as possible. I handed it out to 4 people at MOST, A few of them were antags i’ll admit, but I have no IC way of knowing that.

to cover my basis im going to cover Rule R4.10 which is “Giving out all-access, or access close to all access without a valid IC reason is self-antag.”
The only two people I can remember giving AA is. One. A guy who got shot at with me as we stormed the bridge for AA. Two. A chaplain who spotted me giving myself AA, And I gave AA purely so they wouldnt tell security on me without getting into shit themselves. I believe I gave two more people AA for similar reasons, I cant recall exactly. but I had valid IC reasons for both

Was it on LRP? And if it was, was it on low pop?

Edit: You are free to give out AA on ~10pop, round must go on.

This was on LRP. and im pretty sure it was above 10 pop would had to have been for 3 crew antags.

edit, I suppose a better question to ask would be is what is a “Valid IC” reason, Nukers and low pop are both obvious ones, but what about people who help you steal AA, or even just “metabuddys” etc.

There is a group of people who rush the aa a lot ( me being one of them ) and we often band together to get the aa as fast as possible.

There are some times, where some of us are a distraction for AI or security, while one person snatches the AA and then, after we manage to skiddadle to safety, gives it to others participating in the raid. I am fairly sure that was the case here, cuz i remember a round where me, and a bunch of antags rushed the bridge with OP. She kept the AA while we fought off acting cap and borgs, and then gave it to us as our share.

I am 100% sure this was not bragging, just stating the somber fact after the roundend report. Bean isnt a person to cheer for griefing the station on purpose.

I’m fine lifting this because it appears that I was mistaken

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Im fine with waiting for the ban to run out, My issue isnt the being banned for a week, it was more about being banned for something I don’t believe I did. So if its easier just to let it run its course, thats fine by me.

@bloons3 ban’s expired, don’t forget to close out the appeal if there’s nothing else in question.

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