Wizard’s Objectives Rework

Wizards in their current form don’t fit their lore. Wizards are wacky space meme guys with opaque objectives and even stranger methods, what the hell do they wanna come kill a bunch of researchers for?

Wizards should have auto-success objectives that encourage a gimmick.

“For too long the tyranny of doors has befallen mankind, ensure that there are none of them on the station by the end of the shift.”

“The captain is doing a poor job as king, depose him and show them how the wizard federation rules.”

This would encourage role playing and get rid of the current wizard “murderbone kite around the station with the Thor hammer” business we’ve all been dealing with.


This is a good point, they could have way more RP objectives since their objectives are just there to be there rather than to be their goal


your second objective is so funny, I would love to see that, it could create clash between crew and inwars too, half crew on wizards rule and half on original captains.

funny idea, also encourages RP like you said.

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You could even direct it at a target. “Burnard Silkwind has been chosen by the winds of chaos! Ensure his shift is as turbulent as possible.”

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Oh uh, no that can be used for metagrudging

wow, making the murderbone antagonist not murderbony??? how bad!!! /s

it’d be really funny to see wizard objectives that are basically trying to outprank the clown, it’d be really funny (i think)

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I don’t see how it’d be different than any other objective that can also be used for meta grudging.
Ahelp and player report meta grudging if that’s an issue.

Example of “any other objective” nothing comes to mind

I mean give an example of metagrudging so I understand what you’re getting at
I’m not sure if I really understand what metagrudging is outside of like carrying salt into the next shift

Durr metagrudging is “i dont like this player so i will target them and ruin their round” if you have choose your target objective thats green card to choose and kill player you hate most

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Oh, that’s not what I meant with that objective I wrote at all. It’d roll a random player and you’d torment them with wizardry

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Would be funny to have the wizard take over the station and blow up anyone that doesnt agree with them

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I like this, I think wiz objectives would be at their best when they’re not so outrageous that it precludes crew negotiation, but just inconvenient enough that few would cooperate outright. Wiz is simply more entertaining as a chaotic-neutral force.


I have a horrible idea

Give the wiz an Abductee objective


So literally what it is right now?

well, usually wiznerds dont utter a word and blast right away, at least I can say hello or let them take me to dinner first

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actually identical to traitor’s.
since their objective is too obvious so that we must do something against them always, but also wizards can’t avoid becoming murderborne.