Wisdom Patterson roundremoving traitor after first crime and ignoring SoP

In-game report: Wisdom Patterson roundremoving traitor after first crime and ignoring SoP

CKEY: Youssri Pitt

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: Wisdom Patterson

Offender’s In-Game Name:tracy0minajj

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-07-17

Round Number: 44949

Rules Broken: SoP and R1

Incident Description: after i broke into sec and tried to break into the armory i get shot with lethals and round removed for 1h till the ce said to the brig med and hos to revive me. after that i am being hold in cuffs not being sentence or let free for 10min then the hop put me in a cell for 5min with no timer all that while the hos didnt care. then after a cyborg let me free the hos almost killed me and wanted to exeucte me without captains approival after they captured me(against SoP). then he gulaged me for the maximum sentence all that ignoring that i reinformed them all. they had the knowledge and kept ignoring it. speachless of this round.

Additional Information: the hos kept lying about him following sop and used lethals in situations where it wasnt nessecary. also on blue. also gave me the maximum sentence ten minutes later they called the shuttle.

Discord report:

Your Discord:

Offender’s Discord:

Rules Broken:

Incident Description:

Additional Information:

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@uf101 report on you

Quick question, did you actually manage to break into the armory or were stopped before you could do so?
Because anyone in the armory is considered armed and dangerous and thus security can use lethals on them.

didnt enter it and the walls werent completly broken down so more it was more the security room

There’s a difference between detaining with lethal force and a field execution with the perp left to rot.


Was CE this round and I remember hearing the morgue tray in brig surgery going off and having to convince the brig phys that he still had a soul and needed to be revived because there was no reason to leave him dead.

This, in addition to what was said in the report, is why I think that shooting someone and telling doctors “don’t revive them” shouldn’t be a valid execution method.

If someone commits a capital crime, and you have to resort to deadly force, that’s fine. But you should have to revive them and properly sentence them afterwards. With some exceptions for when it’s not feasible to do so of course.

Doing so would reduce the heavy amount of confusion around these field executions. In this case, it’s quite likely the CE, who presumably was acting captain, didn’t even know about this execution until the one hour mark because they were just gunned down without proper sentencing.


i think this is nearly exactly what happend beside the paramed said i was soulless and the hos who saw my body mutiple times and the morgue who blinked green permanent and me as a ghost have gone in and out all the time, they should have recognize that im not soulless

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Alright. After a bunch of log diving, I have determined that Kaiser Goran was responsible for keeping them in the morgue for an exorbinant amount of time, and the Wisdom Patterson was responsible for improper application of space law (charging EOTC and Hostile activity (?)).

Report Processed