Wirpy banned by Rukofamicom

CKEY: wirpy

Admin’s CKEY: rukofamicom

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Which server did the ban happen on? sage

Ban Type: Temporary

Ban Length: 2021-02-21 17:04 (1 month)

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2021-01-22 17:04

Round ID: 26334

Ban Reason: Repeated over-escalation and general shittery on the server. You can only play dumb and innocent for so long before it stops working. This is your final warning ban before you will be required to get a vouch to return.

Appeal Reason:

So I joined up during this round as a late-join cargo tech. I immeditaly went to cargo and met two of the other cargo techs. A lizard and plasmaman.
Due to the nature of me joining late, I was a bit puzzled for what I was going to do the on the remainder of this presumbly short shift.

The plasmaman tech came with a good idea which adhered to me, creating a cargo tesla engine. I think it’s a rather fun thing to do since It’s fun experimenting with as small build as possible that generates as much energy as possible. Besdies that a Tesla engine is fairly safe requiring no babysitting if secured properly compared to a singularity engine.
On top of that I’ve made successfull tesla engines in cargo in the past so I know what I am doing. Both in situtations where It was not needed and where It was needed due to SM blowing up.

The Lizard objected to this idea, but we told him we would do it anyways since 2 vs 1. So we didn’t get auth from CE or Captain before we attempted to order the parts but I wasn’t planning on opening the emitters illegally anyways so If even if we hadn’t been allowed. I would have donated the parts to Engineering incase of a supermatter engine blow-up.

So to our luck a huge incentive happened shortly after to create a Tesla engine which was that the Supermatter Engine blew up resulting in a need for a new power source on the station.
I didn’t really mind If It was created in cargo or in engineering, I just wished to fix the station and order the required parts.

So we made an attempt to order the required parts for the tesla engine. Our order was removed by the Lizard tech and instead he ordered 3 pac man generators.
So this irritated me and the other cargo tech. I personally got irritated because I know pac man generators are fairly expensive, eats through materials very fast and are generally insufficent in supplying all of meta with power combined with solars.
It’s not their primary usage.

I did some calculations and I’m fairly sure It would require around 5 pac mans with solars to power the station. Which would be very expensive for the station material wise, even with T4 parts as they eat a lot of materials
It was in the stations best interest that round to make a replacement engine due to the supermatter being blown up no matter If it was in cargo or engineering.

Besdies this, I am a proffesional worker at Nanotrasen and the SM has just blown up. Of course I’d like to keep my station in working order as to please my emplyoeer as it is my job. And I have the means of ordering the required parts for a new engine. So if my co-workers meddles with that and potentially endangers the whole station by refusing to help fix a pretty vital part of the station such as power generation. Am I not allowed to get irritated and angry at them?

I can understand his concern with making a tesla pre-SM blow up since It can go loose and It has a devestating effect and that illustrates the importance of building and securing it properly which I know otherwise I wouldn’t have attempted to done it.

Anyways I can admit to making a mistake in my approach on handling the Lizard ordering the 3 pac mans. Being a bit stressed due to the immineint power problem doesn’t excuse how I handled it but It was a factor. I shouldn’t have been as aggressive with him nor should the other cargo tech have been.

Instead we should have tried explaining to him how 3 pac mans wont fix the problem and will only cause further problems with the rapid material usage and insufficient power generation. And explained how a tesla engine is a better alternative no matter if it’s placed in cargo or engineering.
But alas we were stressed due to the power problem and time it takes to set a tesla engine up and Cargo was low on credits and barely had enough to afford the Tesla engine parts so we restorted to trying to non-violently remove him from the cargo shuttle so we could get some of the credits back and make another attempt at ordering the parts.

So what we did was just pushing him and trying to get him out of the shuttle and this went on for some time until I hit the lizard accidently or out of frustration. I can’t remember which, I think It was a bit of both since It was taking it’s time removing him.

So the shoving match escalated from there and the Lizard got critted by me and the plasman. So I started dragging him out of the shuttle to heal and when we were in the cargo bay, he got up again and immediatly clawed me once again. So I hit him again as he couldn’t stop and he went into crit.

So me and the plasmaman agreed to cuff him to a chair as to avoid further escalating the situation as Is said under rule #5 so we could heal him without him trying to hurt us.
And we did exactly just that, we had the lizard cuffed to a chair for everyone’s safety so further fighting wouldn’t happen and so we could heal him without issue which we did. After that we took him to Security and reported him for attempted murder so we could atleast order the Tesla engine parts without him removing them and saboting for the station.

I can’t really remember much what happened after that but I’m fairly sure the shuttle had been called and arrived. I’m not exactly sure since I’ve forgotten.

Anyways I think we had a legitimate reason for shoving him and attempting to remove him from the shuttle as we’re trying to fix a major problem on the station and he was actively working against from my viewpoint by removing our order and ordering pacmans.
He felt very uncooperative towards us even when the SM had been blown up.

TL:DR Me and other cargo tech wants to build tesla, Lizard cargo tech interfers. SM blows up, Lizard tech orders pac mans. Me and other cargo tech wants to send em back so we can still make tesla. Shoving match ensues. Lizard gets critted, healed by us and reported to Security. End of story.

I’m the lizard tech involved in this incident and made this player report about it [multiple unknown ckey] Player Report

Parts you left out: screaming I’m a traitor, stripping me of headset and other gear, claiming to security that I have attempted to murder you.

Parts I left out in original report: you did heal me.

As to mechanics involved which are irrelevant to your actions but informative: One pacman crate costs 1000, crate returning gets back 500, stamp gets back 200, pacman itself being sent back gets you a fat 0. It takes only 3 upgraded pacmans to power entire station on a few plasma sheets for hours.

Building tesla engine in cargo (not on shuttle to send to centcomm for bounty) should be treated as self antag in my opinion regardless of intent but that’s just my bias towards the lag and destruction it brings every time tesla exists.

I have no comment on your rationalization as to why you did what you did.

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You leave out the part where he tries to explain to you that you need permission to build dangerous engines, which you didn’t have. He swapped the Tesla parts for three pacman generators, which are sufficient for powering the station so long as they’re fueled and cooled, and are also actually safe to use.

Not really much of a shoving match when it's one-sided

Player finally takes the bait and starts trying to fight back, so you crit him, and ignore your partner's request to heal him (quoted in a different section where it's also shown that they do it themselves)

Before the fight broke out, here's the say logs


And here's the aftermath where you turn them into sec with false charges

No they didn’t, the other player that also never harmed you is the one that healed you. They took part in some shoving, and also lied to sec, but they are also the one that advocated not to kill you over it and are the one that actually stabilized you.

Dream handling it much better


I told him what I tell all of cargo - if you have to break the crates open, you shouldn’t be ordering them for yourself to use. This applies pretty evenly across the board outside of crisis situations. Tesla should not be built without supervision/permission of the captain and/or engineering. They are not only dangerous, but potentially round-ending.

If you need to write a novel to justify your actions you are very likely in the wrong.

If you have to smash open crates you are definitely doing something wrong.

After seeing the above logs and history I’d be more than happy keeping this.