Winter Darkraven's Attempt to Become Relevant

Your CKEY: Winter Darkraven

Your Discord: Winter Darkraven#0011

How long have you been playing ss13?: On Bee alone I have 1598h with more hours on other servers. (See below for more details)

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Winter Darkraven vouches for me.

Game Experience (More Detailed):

Silicon/Security main with a decent understanding of Space Law, AI Laws, Engineering, and Medical.

Majority of my playtime with Engineering is spent learning new and exciting things, leading to a decent understanding of the game’s mechanics such as making, using, and operating a plasma engine.

Security is just valid hunting on LRP, remembering all the traitor and valid items, etc. Nothing to note here. Sometimes you just wanna kill antags.

Silicon is the focus of my playtime, usually. I love to help people achieve stupid, ridiculous, and hilarious deeds. With a lot of hours on silicon I know all the hotkeys, how AI laws operate, and that a flashlight and serving tray are actually based weapons against silly-cons.

Bee med bad, remove cloning, remove sleepers. Unga. Seriously, I don’t have an advanced understanding of viro. I only make a self resp and regen coma virus then max its traits with neutered symptoms – that’s my main weakness, I don’t know how to powergame viro. I call Zesko to bless me with that ancient knowledge.

That’s about it. Please like, subscribe, and comment :slight_smile:


I hate that by all means we should +1 him

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Only 17 hours as clown, downvoted.

More playtime than me and I’m an admin, add being awesome in general and you get a +1.

Also: Cat.

Very cool player, seen them in game, highly competent and knowledgeable. Also based. +1

I may dislike the erp ban because it was super cringe and I know you used to eat a lot of bans but your getting better. If I could I would +1 you velvet. Take that to heart because I hate everyone

was banned for erp, bad look for beestation. sadly robust tho and also probably knows stuff


You know your way around space station pretty well, and you’re already pretty quick to help people when you aren’t killing them because they picked a fight with you for being a notorious felinid.

+1 Robust and good at the game

Don’t see any reason not to +1.


An infuriatingly robust player.

T:6 , will be accepted in a few hours unless any actual complaints are voiced.

michiru dislikes you

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you just want mentorchat to erp, smh

I want to see how high i can get it
T: 9
here’s some questions for shits and giggles

  1. how do you get more plant data disks
  2. corpse husked how fix
  3. are you doing this just so you can get to clover early

-1 for shits and giggles


-1 erp related bans I think you need a reputation that isnt erp related

The heads didn’t do it fast enough and the unbased police are here to destroy the based mentors

So… what? Make a new ckey?

maybe stop playing felind and having the child play persona