Winter Darkraven banned by Rkvothe14/Sergei

CKEY: Winter Darkraven

Admin’s CKEY: rkvothe14

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: 4ever

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2021-12-17 13:02:45

Round ID: 34,758

Ban Reason:

Originally an engineer, grabbed the fireaxe and demanded access to the armory due to a suspicion of xenos invading the station. Looted the dead captain’s body and proclaimed themselves captain with other heads still alive. Wore the red blood hardsuit for a bit. After seeing the blue APC, went into the AI chamber to kill them without any other input. You are an ex-admin, and should already know that powergaming and validhunting is not allowed here, yet you keep doing it again and again. Edit: Yes, again and again is right. You were an admin here, you know better. You’ve ben constantly causing problems since you left the admin team and now enough is enough. I’m upgrading this to perma. See you next year. - Sergei

Appeal Reason:

This is a misunderstanding and shouldn’t be permanent.

The ban note is hilariously taken out of context and certain events are placed in such a way to make them look as bad as possible to where it looks justified for a responsible admin like Sergei to say, “Enough.”

I will go in order.

The station’s malf AI said something about a queen being on station, so I go and turn off the grav gen – there is a malf APC in the grav gen and I ignore it. (this is back when meta is allowed)

I go to det, the only sec, talk with him and he says there’s no xenos. I leave Brig and go about my business.

I tell Captain that just arrived about the blue APC, she goes into her office and I hear her get beepskied stunned and dragged off before she even takes her locker open to gear up.

At this point comms are off and the AI is being cheap and using a shell and beeper to stun and kill people .

Me, an atmos tech that made bombs (based @Ksanavaari I think) and a miner breach AI sat, save captain, and at this point I take a blood-red hardsuit from AI sat and put it into the armoury’s contraband locker later (I think I even threw it so it should be logged)

Here’s the thing, I spent a long time doing surgery (logged) on the captain’s body, fixing it and then defibbing (logged).

They went DNR, so I used their equipment to put everything back where it belongs (blood-red suit into armoury etc)

Best part is I talked on radio (logged) asking the CMO (only head at the time) if they wanted to be captain, they said no and that I should be.

Then I get singled out and banned shortly after.

Oh yeah, I used the fire axe (my beloved) against the malf.

TL;DR. Sergei read the ban note and thought it was worse than it really was.

Additional Information: Watch Arcane on Netflix.


Oh yeah and before I forget .

The reason I was so quick to take captains equipment and revive him myself was because CMO didn’t have their sensors on .

I was actually very surprised when I saw them on radio after comms got fixed .

Thought AI went and did funny kill all of command ,but they only got cap and det(?)

Had to tell them to turn sensors on (logged)


Im speculating here, but im pretty sure main reason this ban was permanent is because you kept breaking rules and piling notes and bans after your leave from adminship.

Im not sure if ban length matters when this was a “final straw” kind of ban, unless im wrong.


It’s debatable if I even did anything wrong.

Attempting to deactivate a hostile AI after its started culling crew when you know for a fact its malf for a long time isn’t much validhunting than it is lowpop gameplay back then.

Talking to security about opening the armoury when a suspected xenomorph is on station is laughable to ban someone over ,especially since the armoury remained closed .

And taking the captain position after the only living command member says they don’t want it and allows you to be captain is just lame.

I will admit tho I did take the syndie hardsuit and put it in the armoury because I didn’t wanna leave it out in space .

Technically powergaming to store it ? I dunno . Should’ve just left it


I’m in the process of moving at the moment. I’ll be sure to dig deeper into this on or about the 12th.

Edit: Unless @rkvothe14 wants to weigh in on this.


My ban was a month long, and Sergei decided to up it to a permaban not because I misrepresented what lead to the month ban, but because we were kinda tired of the constant problems we had with you.

Feels kinda dirty on how you want to downplay it blaming it on me instead of taking responsibility on why we were tired of your shit.

By the way, permabans are not appealable until a year has passed.

  1. Are you saying there was no misrepresentation whatsoever, or the ban went through in spite of the supposed misrepresentation?

  2. May I request clarification? Did Sergei infact not agree with the ordering of events?
    Or was the frequency of ingame… incidents with Winter the sole reason for pushing this through?

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No misrepresentation whatsoever, though, if I remember correctly, I did have to do some clarification / ban reason edit because it was confusing / not properly explaining things. Current ban reason stands and is not misrepresenting the reasoning on my 1 month ban.

Winter had just came off a one month ban already, had to be jobbanned from assistant, and I don’t really remember what else, but we were pretty tired about dealing with them, so Sergei edited my month ban to perma and edited the reason.

I’d think that we can reserve the right to take those kind of decisions, and had the reasons to take them, so the “one year until permaban appeal” should apply here.

I do also find surprising waiting so long after the ban to appeal it, even while retaining activity on the forums and Discord. Maybe because I’m not as active right now and it seemed easier to appeal? In any case, I’ll repeat that my original ban was the one month long one, so Sergei may feel free to do whatever with the perma, if he so desires, but misrepresenting what me or Sergei did is not acceptable, imo.


Agree with @rkvothe14, it hasn’t been a year since the ban, so it shouldn’t be appealable, right?


Not at all. The ban was an error and shouldn’t’ve been placed.

Wait until they post the logs, the entire ban reason is false.

See above for the reasonings. I did nothing wrong back then.

Keep in mind players back then were allowed to know everything on the wiki and do multiple jobs .

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I’m not downplaying it. I honestly did nothing wrong ,and I don’t think I deserved to be insulted .

My ‘shit’ was just playing the game. No griefing, no validhunting, no powergaming .

I react to clear threats, and put my toys away when they’re over .

I’d like an unbiased admin to go through the logs, you swearing kinda makes me uncomfy.

Ok see you guys in a week when logs get posted of me telling cap about AI then them dying and CMO saying I can be cap.

Also I want to add,don’t take this personally . I’m just saying I think a mistake was made and that I broke no rules .

I think because I was too busy leading the station and calling the shuttle because of plasma in the air(?) made my responses kinda fast/lacking context and you probably wouldn’t’ve banned me if I had the time I needed to articulate myself .

Also AI didn’t strip the captain ,funny thing . To prove this I had to remove her jumpsuit during surgery (logged) and I saw on sensors they were at sat .so it was easy to tell AI killed cap .plus the sound of Beepsky/electric arm ,they could’ve used their shell to stun now that I think about it .


Don’t attack me ,attack what I said . If I’m lying it’s easy to prove .


I’m gonna lock this until I can look at it properly. We have pertinent information.



True, after just one or two mentions of xenos.

logs from armory conversation

[2021-12-17 12:16:55.786] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) “yo” (Brig (90, 174, 2))
[2021-12-17 12:16:57.412] SAY: [DETECTIVE] “leave” (Brig (91, 174, 2))
[2021-12-17 12:16:57.664] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) “armoury time” (Brig (89, 175, 2))
[2021-12-17 12:17:01.740] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) “why” (Brig (88, 174, 2))
[2021-12-17 12:17:06.793] SAY: [DETECTIVE] “I Didn’t let you in” (Brig (91, 174, 2))
[2021-12-17 12:17:08.392] SAY: [DETECTIVE] “leave” (Brig (91, 174, 2))
[2021-12-17 12:17:12.861] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) “I let myself in though” (Brig (88, 174, 2))
[2021-12-17 12:17:16.621] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) “lemme get uhhh” (Brig (88, 174, 2))
[2021-12-17 12:17:20.213] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) “a gun” (Brig (88, 174, 2))
[2021-12-17 12:17:25.785] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) “xenos” (Brig (93, 174, 2))
[2021-12-17 12:17:29.500] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) “you madman” (Brig (89, 174, 2))
[2021-12-17 12:17:40.959] SAY: [DETECTIVE] “you are tresspassin at this point” (Brig (86, 174, 2))
[2021-12-17 12:17:45.037] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) “okay” (Brig (82, 177, 2))
[2021-12-17 12:17:54.386] SAY: [DETECTIVE] “plus wielding a dangerous weapon” (Brig (86, 174, 2))
[2021-12-17 12:18:01.134] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) “it is a tool” (Brig (82, 177, 2))

This is, as far as I can tell, also accurate.

Literally why? Your first reaction to an alien queen being on station was to go and turn off the gravity generator?

At a minimum it wasn’t logged.


This was already well after you’d raided the captain’s office as far as I can tell.

You’ve gathered 5 different notes or bans over the course of two months after you left the staff team.

Why should I believe you’ll follow the rules?

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It was gameplay back then. This was the default course of action to hearing xenos . They can’t use abilities without grav , it was just gameplay .

I already said AI culled everyone that could get in its way . I saw CMO wasn’t on sensors and assumed dead . I called the shuttle and decided to lead the station during evac.

The moment CMO spoke I asked if he wanted to be captain , legit didn’t want it too . I wanted to do fusion funny stuff .

They said no and said I should .

I don’t see what I did wrong there with the Information I had.

This is an extreme approach to a player adapting to new staff and rules .

Staff that was allowed was getting banned at the time ,and the only other ban I can remember getting back then was be doomsdaying as AI when that was allowed .

Rules were changing back then and I had old habits .

Me showing that I know the new meta rules sound display that I kinda binged reading the wiki .

Why do people put me on a worse level than a griefer. At most I annoy people with the word meow.

Also can explo stop bringing xenos back to the station that was three rounds in a row very cool!!!

This post was made on a phone so damn .I can’t proof read it .

What ? Hello AI culling command right in front of you nothing to see here go back to normal human stuff until the AI directly attacks you . Semantics.

What’s the gameplay for a malf AI going loud and killing command who just arrived and didn’t even get their locker stuff
Not rescuing them and ignoring it seems dickish .

Plus I thought CMO died too so it was double yikes .

This is also ignoring the miner that attacked sat with me ,even saved me from beepskys :pray:

Or the atmos tech with bombs.

I don’t think they count as input but they don’t seem to be on trouble for what they did , despite it being the same .

The only difference is I called the shuttle after it .
And tried to give the captain role to the proper command member .

It isn’t even consistent

Plus free Maggot

Appeal denied, powergaming and validhunting stands, and was not made in egregious error. When I said see you next year I meant December of '22.