WilsonPH mentor application

Your CKEY: wilsonph

Your Discord: R2D2 from Star Trek#5536

How long have you been playing ss13?: About 3-4 months I’d say

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Acronad, maybe Wrill

Game Experience (More Detailed): Started out playing only Shaft Miner but after some time I realized that I was barely interacting with the crew. So then I picked up Science and Medical, with some Engineering on the side. I’d say I’ve became quite proficient at them. Can’t pull off crazy stuns like a CO2 SM set up or Fusion that reaches #INF rads, but I know enough to make a department functional. If I were asked what part of the game I know the least about, it would be combat and Spess Law. Ironically enough while I got pretty good at killing fauna and megafauna my experience with PvP is lacking. Same with Security and following proper arrest and incarceration procedures, but I’ve been trying to remedy that by playing Detective and cooperating with secoffs who know their stuff.
Also I’m applying mainly because there’s usually no mentors online when I play.


Oh and, here’s my playtime

  1. How do I robot
  2. How do I fix a rooms Atmos?
  3. Can I murderbone
  1. Do you mean how to become a robot or how to play as a cyborg? If you want to become one, ask a Roboticist to transfer your brain into a cyborg’s shell, or posess a positronic brain after you die.
    If you mean how to play as a cyborg, well. Remember that you’re now bound by your laws, which you can check using the “Robot commands” verb in top right. Remeber : If you became a borg by posessing a positronic brain, you do not remember your previous life.
    As a cyborg, you do not need to breathe neither does low/high pressure damage you, but you need to be recharged from time to time. You can interact with any electronic device on your screen by clicking on it, this opens a special menu reserved only for cyborgs and the AI. You can also quickly open/close doors by shift clicking them, drop and raise bolts with ctrl+click and electrify/de-electrify with ctrl+click.
    And as a personal tip, try to act a little bit more robotic than you usually are.

  2. If you’re an Engineer or an Atmospheric Technician, you can use your ID on an Air Alarm to change its operating modes. You should let it to cycle, which will make it drain all the air then pump it new one. Alternatively, you can grab the Backpack Firefighter Tank from Atmospherics and use that to dispense Atmos resin. It replaces the gasses with a breathable air mix at a normal temperature, but also welds any scrubbers and vents shut! So grab a welder and eye protection too. However, if you’re none of the above, ask an Engineer/Atmospherics tech/AI/Engineering borg to come fix it.

  3. Are you a normal crewmember? If yes, then you’re not allowed to go on a killing spree under any circumstances. Are you a traitor with the objective to die a glorious death/hijack the shuttle, a wizard, a blood cultist or a xenomorph? Then yes, you get a murderbone pass. However, you should still prioritize your objectives, i.e converting the crew as a cultist and infecting living beings as a xenomorph.

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  1. Yep! Spot on, interpreting what a person wants is kinda a thing that is needed. Maybe also mention how to pick modules/tools but eh!

  2. Yep yep yep!

  3. Trick question-ish! Gemerally, any rule-related questions should be directed towards admins, since, mentors aren’t usually supposed to poke that.

You’ve got good hours and nice long answers, though maybe try and actually shorten the answers when in-game, walls of text make newer players sad, generally.

+1, get in here.


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Noted about the length, will try my best to compress them. As the old saying goes, Brevity is the wit of the soul.

getting all of us applying for mentor, get got.


Oh yeah it’s time to ask questions I totally haven’t gotten before but reworded.

  1. How do I do the funny music notes around my character’s speech?
  2. Can I bind the gloves of the northstar to an emote like *flip or *spin?
  3. Hey I ate a maint pill and it gave me replicating foam, what is that?
  4. Can the heretic rune noises be heard by other people, like across from a wall or nearby?
  1. You type % before your message
  2. Technically you can set them to both but *flip won’t work, only *spin
  3. It’s a reagent that comes from the Blob. I’d recommend flushing it out of your system as soon as you can.
  4. Yes, absolutely. That is why you should try your best to hide them in locations far from often visited areas.

Also the reply function doesn’t seem to work for me for some reason, guess I’ll have to quote posts.

Short and to the point, nice!
I do want to point out that the replicating foam did happen to someone, and they weren’t actually getting affected by it. From what I hypothesise, it must only be applied on spray, and it doesn’t do anything when consumed (like how synthflesh acts differently depending on how it’s applied).
But yeah you definitely seem knowledgeable so I’ll +1!

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/datum/reagent/blob/replicating_foam/reaction_mob(mob/living/M, method=TOUCH, reac_volume, show_message, touch_protection, mob/camera/blob/O)
	reac_volume = ..()
	M.apply_damage(0.7*reac_volume, BRUTE)

After doing a bit of code diving, it seems that it indeed only does damage on touch and based on reaction volume. But when I tested it, drinking it also damaged me. :person_shrugging:
But anyway we’re getting a bit offtopic so I’ll stop.

i got two small questions for you:

  1. how do i know which wire resets a cyborgs current module?
  2. How do you make plants mutate?
  1. Pulse the wires with a multitool untill you see “Borg’s module servos twitch” pop up in chat. Alternatively, use the station blueprints/ask another borg to look at the wires.
  2. Well there’s two ways to mutate a plant. One simply changes its stats, you can do that with Robust Harvest, Left 4 Zed, splashing 1 or 2 units of Unstable Mutagen on it or shooting it with the floral somatoray. The other involves splashing 5u of Unstable Mutagen on the plant, but this also allows you to completelly change the plant’s species or for it to get new traits.

The wire for the borg moduel reset is always labled with a star ;3 but this methods too.
good answers so have my +1

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Huh, missed that somehow. Also apparently the station blueprints don’t work while hacking borgs so that’s out.

I dislike how concentrated your hours are, and I usually only vote for individuals with well-rounded hours.

However, you have answered questions asked so far competently enough.


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Well I’ve been playing other roles as of late, mainly sec, to make sure I know Spess Law and whatnot.

Also if that helps, I’ve been making small additions to the wiki to make it more helpful for new players, like adding more accurate numbers to the chemistry page.


Ive changed my answer, its +1


I like the responses. (And can code dive)


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Shush forums augh yes this is a full sentence.

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