WilsonPH Admin Application

Your CKEY (Including any alts you have): WilsonPH

Your Discord Name (Including any alts you have): Cydia Lamiales/Ceti AD/H3LP3R

How often are you online to help? (Timezone): 10AM GMT+2 - 6PM GMT+2

What changes, if any, would you bring?: Honestly I’d love to shift the antag/sec dynamic to be ‘talk first, shoot later’ but that’s wishful thinking.

How old are you?: 20

Why do you want to be a moderator?: Well for one, Bee is noticeably short on staff at times. Having no admin online to answer prayers and CC requests does suck, and that is often the case when I’m online. And I’d love to help out with the backlog of player reports too. Overall I like Bee and its community and I want to help improve it.

How long have you been playing SS13?: I believe I started around 2019, so four years?

How long have you been playing BeeStation?: For about six months and I’ve accumulated almost 800 hours during that time.

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in SS13?: 6. I know plenty of stuff but I’m not that robust.

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you as an administrator? (this can include past games): I’d say 5.

Have you ever been an admin or moderator on another server? This is not limited to SS13: Yeah, hosted a semi-public Minecraft server back in school, but barely did any administrating because there was no need to.

Do you have any alternate accounts on SS13? If so, could you provide their CKEY?: Don’t have any.

Your strengths: I can code dive easily to figure out if a present problem is a bug, I know plenty of niche things and I’m always happy to help people learn stuff.

Your weaknesses: First of all, my power and internet situation isn’t that great right now due to my country of residence and tends to be cut off at times. English isn’t my first language so I make grammatical mistakes or blurt out nonsense from time to time.

Is there anything that gets you really mad, real fast?: People prioritizing winning over RPing and having fun.

What do you think is the most important trait for a staff member to have?: The ability of their feelings and emotions to not cloud their judgement of the current situation.

What makes a staff team good?: Cooperation, communication with the playerbase and willingness to engage with the community.

What is a staff team’s purpose?: To uphold the rules and to ensure that the environment is welcoming to everyone.

What kind of player are you?: I tend to focus on doing large scale projects, like CO2 SM set ups, Hypernob Farms and circuit arrays. But I also tend to take a break from those roles and focus more on interacting with people as a Medical Doctor or a Cargo Tech.

How do you think you will change once you become a staff member?: Honestly it’s quite hard to tell. But I do hope I don’t turn into one of those ghost mains as I quite enjoy playing the game more than observing it.

The clown slips the HoS and steals his gun, spacing it right after. What do you do?: First I’d check the clown if they’re an antagonist. If they’re not it’s an obvious case of self-antagging no matter the situation so I’d return the gun to HoS’s locker. If they are, and have the objective to steal it then it would be an IC issue.

A non-antagonist is sabotaging the Atmospherics loop and pumping plasma into the distro, along with dragging around a canister and releasing it into the atmosphere. Assuming that an admin is cleaning up the after-effects, how do you conduct the ahelp with him?: I’d immediately TP him to the admin prison then bwoink him asking why he was doing that. Depending on their answers and their account age I’d either apply a permaban for griefing or a short server ban + a more lengthy antag ban for self-antagging.

A chemist who is working alone accidentally mixes an explosive mixture inside of his chem dispenser, instantly killing himself and destroying the machine, along with exposing Chemistry to space. Nobody else was injured aside from him as a result of his actions. What do you do?: Once again, I’d check his note history and account age. If they have notes or even bans for similar behavior I’d discuss it with the admin team then apply a chemist and maybe even medical ban with the length depending on the severity of their history. If, however, they were a new player, I’d ask them if they realized what they did wrong then explain exactly what happened that that it should not be repeated again.


Glad to finally see you applying! I’ve got a quick question for you though that I’d like to hear your answer for!

I would like to hear how you plan to handle interacting with the community going forward. Let’s say an antag from the last round silently killed their targets and made their bodies impossible to find/recover, would you be able to keep yourself from getting worked up about it in discord? How well do you think you will be able to maintain a level head and avoid needless arguments?

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Obviously as an administrator I’d need to show more restraint so I wouldn’t go on a needless tangent on how I disliked their actions. But I’m of the opinion that behavior like that has no place on an RP sever and I hope to change that either through code or rule adjustments.


Good answer, just remember to do your best to keep a level head, try and talk to someone unrelated to the issue first and vent to help cool off first if you find yourself getting really frustrated with someone! (at least this helps me… maybe it’ll help you)

Hope this helps with anyone else looking at the app too.


You’re observing a changeling on a quiet, lower population round without much going on so far. Changeling happens upon the captain alone in the holodeck, and jumps them without word or warning. The captain is caught off guard and only gets out a “HELP, HOLODECK” over command comms and a few punches before falling into crit. The HoS shows up and starts firing lethals at a suspect dragging the captain with their personal gun, but gets hit with an EMP right as the warden shows up with their shotgun and crits, then outright kills the changeling with a "Get some, ling!". Warden drags the changeling to cargo while constantly beating the corpse, demands access to the mining shuttle and uses it to gib the changeling.

The dead changeling and captain who bled out throw some minor salt back and forth in dead chat, but the captain is getting treatment thanks to the living HoS. Nobody opens any tickets about the interactions, and the changeling disconnects.

  1. What actions, if any, do you take in this situation based on the information provided above?
  2. What are some circumstantial changes or details that could affect your actions/inaction?

First of all I’d bwoink the HoS asking why they jumped straight to lethals, as doing so for no reason is a major breach of Space Law. Then I would apply a note based on their actions and their conversation between me and them.
I’d also bwoink the Warden asking why they went straight to lethals too, why they broke SoP by rushing out of the Brig when the situation didn’t call for in and why they chose to shuttlegib someone who could be assumed to be a traitor with an EMP implant. I would also apply a note or maybe even a Command/Security jobban based on their previous history.

If the Changeling had any run ins with Security before and they proved to be impossible to disable through the use of Adrenaline Sacks or other means, HoS jumping to lethals could have been justified and as such I wouldn’t take action against them.
If the changeling was a massive, unstoppable threat to security Warden’s actions could mayhaps could be justified, but as you described the situation the round was quiet before.


Hi, I’ll ask a couple questions too! (Ex admin)

  1. a player opens an ahelp, they’re asking you to investigate a possible metagang.
    When you’re done you resolve (close) the ahelp.
    However, they re open the ticket and demand you tell them the outcome of the ticket.
    What would you do?

  2. You’re in game, and notice that a player used a slur (something along the lines of f*g).
    The player in question doesnt have any related notes.
    What kind of action would you take?
    What would you do if the same player had been banned from other servers for toxicity / bigotry?

  3. You delayed a round to deal with tickets.
    You’re the only admin online, and you’re having trouble with one specific ticket: you can’t find the logs to confirm whether or not the virologist made a griefing virus.
    At this point the round has been delayed for more than 20 minutes, but you can’t solve this last one ticket, what would you do?

Good luck with the app!!
Sorry that you didn’t get many replies for now, but believe me your efforts are very appreciated!! Have a nice weekend !


What’s the reasoning behind the antag ban in the alternative answer here?

Here’s a couple questions for you.

  • Roughly thirty minutes into a quiet round on green alert a nightmare spawns and makes it’s way into dorms and breaks the APC there. A botanist sees them, shouts ‘NIGHTMARE DORMS!!’ over common and then walks away. Shortly afterwards the HoS arrives and proceeds to shoot the nightmare to death with buckshot using a riot shotgun before cremating them, the nightmare does not retaliate during this and additionally had asked the HoS to stop so they could try and negotiate. The HoS claims the nightmare was a threat to the station and that they had to eliminate it to protect the crew.

Rules broken if any?

  • Two separate people open a ticket accusing what they believe to be a non-antagonist Assistant, by name, of murdering the Captain for “no reason” using some unusually exotic murder method. Upon checking their logs you are unable to find anything to corroborate this story besides the Captain suddenly dying. When questioning the Assistant they claim ignorance, and to make matters even worse the Captain had disconnected a few minutes prior to you beginning your investigation, and as such you are unable to question them.

How would you go about handling this situation?

  • A non-antagonist clown goes around shoving and then table slamming people into stamina crit before stealing their ID and throwing it down disposals. When asked why they respond “I’m a clown, are clowns not allowed to prank people?”

Rules broken if any?

And lastly, the bane of everyone everywhere.

  • Is Bee an LRP or an MRP server?
  1. Remind said player that they’re not entitled to know both the outcome and the punishment issued as a result of a ticket, then close the ahelp. Maybe place a note if they were being overtly rude.
  2. First I’d check if there are any other admins available online to see if they could handle the ticket. Then, if I’m able (not playing command/sec/antag/sillycone) I would aghost then see if maybe they were forced to say it through nanites or hypnosis/brainwashing, then I’d question the player who issued them said command. If they did it on their own, seeing how it was their first offence, I would place a note and remind them that bigotry is against the rules. As for them having bans on other servers I would consult other staff before taking action.
  3. This is a tough one. Seeing how the round end has been delayed for more than 20 minutes I’d tell the player who opened that ticket to make a player report on the forums due to my inability to deal with the issue in a timely matter, then I would make an OOC statement apologizing to all the other players for the delay and restart the round. I’d then do a more through investigation of the logs.

And thanks for writing the questions.

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I was under the impression that people who self-antagged received an antagonist ban, but upon re-reading the admin conduct page I found this :

Server bans are to be given out when a player has shown to be non-compliant with our rules or is actively malicious towards the server, the staff, or other players.

  • All refusals to follow rules, regardless of reasoning, should be met with an immediate permanent ban.

So I guess I would just apply a server ban. Although I still would like to have this topic cleared out during moderator training if I get accepted.
Now, onto the questions.

  1. Here I think the botanist broke Rule 1 You Must Roleplay with the ‘NIGHTMARE DORMS!!’ callout.
    As for the HoS, I think it’s the same Rule 1 here, but the ’ Follow Space Law and the Standard Operating Procedure’ part. All the nightmare had done was break station equipment, which at best 303 Sabotage, which does not warrant execution on the spot. Moreover the HoS outright refusing to talk with the nightmare completely breaks the intention of this rule.
  2. Oh this is a tricky one. I, so far, have barely any experience log diving apart from messing around on a private server for testing purposes, so I would ask the two people who ahelped to describe this ‘unusually exotic murder method’ in as much detail as they can. Then I’d double check the assistant’s logs to see if the additional information correlates with the logs. And I would probably ask help from senior staff in this situation.
  3. I think Rule 8 Do Not Grief is broken here, as the Clown isn’t really as much ‘pranking’ people as inconveniencing them just for the sake of it. And, afterall, it’s the Clown’s job to make other people laugh and not just himself, so maybe Rule 9 Do Not Self-Antag as well? I’m not too clear on this.

Completely glanced over the last question, sorry. The answer is : neither, bee dropped those labels a while ago and now refers to itself as just an ‘RP’ server.

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Your actual understanding of how our logging functions wasn’t something this question was intended to gauge, you aren’t expected to know that yet. Your answer is correct though, when dealing with uncertain situations and vague information you’re usually better off asking more questions and trying to get a second opinion.

Also the murder method was left vague not as part of the question but because openly talking about unlogged ways to kill people is generally seen as not very cool

Good, that and R7. This is actually a somewhat common occurrence too, people play the ‘entertainer’ roles and use them as an excuse to soft grief.


Bonus question. How would you go about dealing with question #2 if you were absolutely certain the method that allegedly killed the Captain isn’t logged at all?

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Well, seeing how several people had reported it and the Captain suddenly died, it’s pretty clear that the assistant in question is a griefer, and one that knows exactly what they’re doing. I believe in this cause I’d be authorized to permaban them for griefing.
Maybe I’m being a bit draconic, but we’ve been dealing with a recent influx of griefers.

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Them being a griefer is certainly a possible outcome, especially if there are other factors surrounding them that back up that conclusion. It is, however, worth noting that testimonies from other players are often unreliable due to a number of reasons ranging from a lack of game knowledge, to catching the wrong name, or more plausibly in a case where multiple people report it, someone being impersonated (think lings/agent ID).

If you can’t reasonably confirm that someone did something, but you still think it’s plausible, then you always have the option of adding a secret note to document it incase something similar happens in the future.

Either way I’d like to see how you do as a mod. +1



100%! if you aren’t sure about how you should handle an issue always ask to an admin on discord!

good answer! (but remember that mods don’t have access to the logs of previous rounds, and that they can’t handle reports)

I think you’d make for a great admin, thank you for applying!


Answers seem good, and so is your activity. Can’t wait to see how you’ll do!

Total: +2


I think you can do well, +1

T: +3


Good answers.
Good Mento.

T: +4


Keep in mind that this is a rather small part of what being an admin is. Your main focus is on managing/administrating our community. Ingame and on discord.

Self antagonism and antagonist are two completely different things. Self antagging is a server rule. Breaking it warrants a server ban. An antagonist ban gets applied when the person specifically also broke antagonist conduct.

As Tyranicranger already said, testimonies from players are generally unreliable and should be double checked. If you can’t really prove what someone did, then you more or less have to let them go. We act by the “innocent until proven guilty” principle. A secret note would be the correct way to go about. Something along the lines of: “If an unlogged ban happens again with them being involved, ban them.”

Alrighty, overall your app is solid and your answers are good. You have a good record ontop of also being a competent mentor.

We have decided to accept your application. Welcome to the team!!

Accepting at +4