WildJoe Note appeal, Noted by Pixelman77

CKEY: WildJoe

Admin’s CKEY: Pixelman77

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? Golden

Ban Type: 3 exclamation point Note

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-08-22

Round ID: 213030

Ban Reason: critted a guy for asking him for AA

Appeal Reason: This guy was critted because after i told him no he blocked me into the cryoroom with another guy behind him, and shoved me against the wall when i tried to leave. At this point he had been following me for some time, and had seen me recover the nuclear disk that was stolen and left behind above the dorms earlier in the round. I could not use nonlethal methods, as 30 seconds into the round a different crowd of greytiders already broke into my office, zip tied me, and stole the weapons and ID’s from the room. The other guy who was there was not attacked and could have given any medical help the guy needed after i downed him.

Additional Information: Shortly after this happened i had to leave due to a minor family emergency. During this fight i was trying to coordinate with the non-existing heads so someone could take the disk and secure the HoP office, and trying to log out. I understand that in the event a player leaves and does not address an admin they are automatically labeled guilty. This is fairly reasonable, and if i had the opportunity i would have cleared things up with the admin and brought the guy into the medbay, but in this one case it could not be helped. I dont feel that this incident warrants a permanent strike on my account considering i have been on Both servers regularly for almost a year now without any other major problems, and was appropriate considering the increase in violence and chaos on the LRP server.

I need to check logs on this one but the round ID you gave is wrong. This note is not really that of a big deal and I think it expires adter some time.

sorry about that, i only have the server time not the id. 21:30:30.