Wilchen warn appeal (Fresh)

Discord ID: 219154746815021057

Admin Discord ID: 310414504435384320

Ban Type: warn

Ban Reason: filter bypass

Appeal Reason: There’s no fucking way that as a english secondary language speaker I’m supposed to know that an anthropological term for asian people from late 1700’s is offensive.
Moreso, since the word filter is not published, I’m in no way able to check if I’m allowed to post anything.

You cannot follow the rules if you can’t know the rules.

Ergo, I’m not guilty of conciously breaking the rules.


Need a list of banned words to follow them porperly, unjust warn imo filtered or not.


IIRC Ruko at one point published it in a public channel. Unsure if it remains, or if it has changed.

Next up:

IIRC filtered words result in immediate deletion of a text message on Discord.

Filter bypass means that in spite of a message being deleted you manipulate the spelling or character usage to allow the message to send(assuming this was a text post).

Images are much the same, just lacking automated enforcement.

Videos get iffy, but generally follow the same as images. They get complicated if a video is long enough(admin discretion) or contains so much words/text(also admin discretion) it is unreasonable to assume you’ve watched it in its entirety and should have screened it for language.

As wilchen pointed out in text, even recently said filtered word has been “bypassed” and they didn’t get anything.

Video itself was a joke that im almost 100% sure was already posted in beestation meme channels.

This is an issue of enforcement, and not an excuse.

See above.


I cannot find Ruko’s publishing of the filter list. So it is correct to state it is unpublished. More to the point, I believe the word which is the subject of the appeal was added to said list which prompted to the posting(provided I’m not imagining this whole situation).

Reason for not publishing the list probably comes to the following thing down below. This issue of publishing content against TOS to make it clear what is a TOS violation is a whole separate issue.

Filter Reference List-TOS Violation Paradox

There is also a complication to publishing said list. Namely, publishing said list without breaking the TOS of various platforms. I personally think this is a silly issue, as posting a list of words automatically filtered for reference purposes has some merit, in spite of the fact that such lists will many times contain words people will agree are not appropriate or break TOS.

That Filter Reference-TOS paradox, if you insist to call it such, is a whole separate issue not relevant beyond this mention.

This is clearly a case of “It was okay in the 1800’s when the term was invented!”

That is likely true.

It is also true that many terms in the filter were “okay” or “socially acceptable” in the 1800’s.

Deny the appeal, with the term in question even google tells you that it’s outdated and offensive.

That’s because i think Crossed deleted it for some reason


Literally noone said that. Nice strawman, retorting to fallacies as always.

This is not even the argument I’m making here.

Are you advocating that we just google every word because it can potentially be on filter?

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There’s no way for us to publish the filter list without violating TOS.

Just want to note that there is infact precedent concerning this exact word Rule 0 and Rule 2 clarification regarding bigoted speech - Player Input / Staff Reports - BeeStation (beestation13.com)

No, discord has nothing about “racial slurs” in TOS.

I hate to agree with Wilchen but this isn’t even an argument here. I don’t care if you subjectively find it not “okay” or not “socially acceptable” and I don’t care about 1800’s.

I don’t believe Wilchen tried to evade, the word wasn’t simply in the filter. If anything this has helped admins make filter even more restricting and our rules on discord even more convoluted so we should be thanking Wilchen instead of muting him.



Mar '21

I have never heard of this as anything more than a generic insult like calling someone a “moron”. I am one of the admins that agreed this wasn’t a word that needed to be filtered because without going to Wikipedia or Webter’s, there is no connotation for this as a slur.

I would understand this more as a “Be excellent to each other” complaint for someone being impatient, if that’s all this was. But even then, it’s not always going to be 100% about holding hands and people have room to get frustrated so long as it doesn’t start getting into the territory of being outright toxic.

Taken from said mentioned thing.

I mean, provided there is no intent to say offensive words it should probably be a warn without punishment. I’ve even called people this IC on bee before it was filtered and I knew it to be bad.

I even accidentally used a slur in a character name of mine for over a month once…

The english language has a lot of slurs, too many even for primary english speakers to remember all of them. Fuck many slurs started out as normal words until they were repeatedly used became slurs.

The R-word is a great example of this, its still used in some technical cases like “fire ■■■■■■ant” because originally it meant “to slow down” or “slow”.

The specific word used in this case most would probably just believe it referred to people of the mongol empire under Ghenghis Khan, which with that understanding wouldn’t be recognized as a slur to most people.

Similar to how sometimes “American” is used as an insult for “stupid or self-centered”.

The mongol empire was known to be somewhat barbaric, so its probably was just the intent to call someone barbaric in a creative way.

I agree the word should probably be censored, knowing the full definition, but people probably shouldn’t be punished for accidentally using it.

That being said, if I am missing context and the intent was to toe the line / offend people it is worthy of punishment.


The context would be that Wilchen posted a video where a man was called a “■■■■■■■■■” as a slur, but he was expressing how proud he was of having mongol ancestry and turned it around into a meaning of power and conquer.

I think you mean an issue with enforcement, which is pervasive in the lack of consistency it’s applied and the variance in what different staff will choose to punish and at what time.

It does not. I was reprimanded heavily for posting it because despite it making sense it still broke Discord ToS to throw the words around. Given that Bee had opted into being a “community server” (I think was the term), it is under particularly strict scrutiny.

I was slapped and warned that the entire server could have been nuked for having the list posted by a high ranking member of staff.

I’d like to point out that as a primary speaker of the language, I also had no idea this particular word was a racial slur. It wasn’t until being told this that I ever had any reason to think it meant anything other than a generic insult equating to “stupid”. Then it was pointed out to me that the word literally contains “mongol” and it made sense that it was originally intended/rooted as a racial slur.

I have no context for what may surround this warning, I’m simply affirming that this not commonly recognized or even used as a slur in my personal experience.

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You are correct in that this isn’t specifically stated as such. However it is absolutely how they have enforced this clause:

  • Do not organize, promote, or participate in hate speech or hateful conduct. It’s unacceptable to attack a person or a community based on attributes such as their race, ethnicity, caste, national origin, sex, gender identity, gender presentation, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, age, serious illness, disabilities, or other protected classifications.

People have been irrevocably banned for friendly use of the N-word, not from servers, but by discord themselves, because someone with ill intent reported a line without proper context. You have no rights on discord and they may interpret and enforce their policies in just about any manner they wish, so long as they aren’t discriminating themselves.

Past precedent shows how they will interpret this policy as extremely strict, on the occasions an offense is brought to their attention.


Thing is, Wilchen shouldn’t be banned for something they didn’t even know was mute, its not like there was a written rule and they didn’t bother to read it.

You are right, someone can just report you to discord, its arguable whether or not it’d result in server as a whole having problems, but you can’t be muting someone for misinterpreting or not fully understanding an unwritten rule.


This is an incredibly daft argument to make and I’m seeing it throughout this thread. Shezza wasn’t muted just because they posted something with the word. That’s not how this works; that’s not how this has ever worked. They were muted because they were warned past our threshold. They had multiple other warnings before for different rule breaks and the cumilation of points led to an automated mute.

Shezza has had several warnings in Discord, including lighter verbal warnings. This isn’t even their first warning for posting something questionable.

This system has been in place for a long time now. Why everyone is acting like this is a new crazy addition or that we went out of our way to remove shezza for this single offense is beyond me.

Posting my more official ruling separately.

Nothing in this appeal makes me want to reverse the decision. The actual appeal is full of memes and is a very obvious attempt to rile people up over muh freedom of speech & muh conspiracy. Sadly, this worked as several people, staff included, played right into it without even thinking.

You were given a warning like anyone else and it just so happened that you’re a serial offender and have had multiple other warnings (not even counting the ones that were later appealed) which led to the automated mute.

While I can sympathize with the cultural and, to an extent, the ignorance angles. This is exactly why we warn for these offenses and don’t just outright ban or mute people. This is your second offensive speech related warning, if these were your only offenses you wouldn’t have been muted. So I really don’t have much sympathy here.

Per the above. This appeal is denied.