Wilchen ban appeal

Discord ID: Wilchen#0001

Admin Discord ID:Eric Harris#8539

Ban Type: discord

Ban Length: who knows

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): Today

Ban Reason: nsfw

Appeal Reason: why is first offense a permaban

Additional Information: it was a political assasination

I have moved to the right category.

probably cant reference that kinda stuff in discord for fear of shutting the discord down i would imagine

I had no idea you were a player council candidate, to be fair. I’ve been busy for a bit and barely check anything related to the council. reeeeeeeee

There was dick flopping about in the twitter video you posted. I’ll unban you eventually™. Probably three days.

The dick wasn’t real, it was CGI and special effects.

I could tell by the pixels

Nice try. I know a dick when I see one. You can’t fool me.


posts porn in a discord server with minors in a channel not marked nsfw
bro why I get banned it was political assassination

Ya shouldnt even try arguing CGI, nsfw is nsfw even if its conputer made

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everybody knows computers aren’t capable of understanding the concept of pornography and human vices, it was obviously just trying to teach us biology

breaking - nyaskee reen is anti-education

You can’t deny the smoking gun

This is dumb. Denied.