Wiki Maintainer Megathread

First and foremost, the wiki is shit. If you have problems with it, post your issues here along with a link to the relevant page (If it even exists (yet))

TLDR: Database of how garbage our wiki is that someone will get around to fixing (eventually)


The wiki has fuck-all for lavaland. Like, at all.

Someone needs to move Devil and Gangster to the “Removed antagonists” section, or at least write a fitting description for why they were removed so I can do it

Referring to the lack of ruins?

I like doing wiki stuff but specifics help a lot

Also on my list is genetics and virology, those pages need some love

How about that fact that following the wiki will get you banned from engineering immediately considering it tells you to set up coolers that actually heat up the setup to the point of delamimation

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Absolutely not true. The stock freezer units will run a nitrogen supermatter just fine so long as you arent being a smoothbrain mixing in CO2/plasma/brainletium and shooting it with bullets.

It’s actually decent for new players because they dont understand that:

  • The cooling impact of the exchange pipes is instant, so you can straight pipe both the in, out, and bypass, which helps massively with fires
  • Straight piping as above prevents sabotage of the loop/damage in space
  • Even people that know the SM generally don’t understand atmos and having an idiotproof cooling solution is great if you’re just doing vanilla shit

Almost every engineering failure I’ve seen has come from some dude busting in and changing shit up trying to outgame the basics on the wiki and it causing a catastrophic chain of fucky wuckys in the ensuing shitshow of people that don’t know how shit works under the hood pushing buttons and opening valves.

Go ahead and try, t1 coolers are too hot for a basic nitro setup, or at least they were last I tried

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I mean are you setting the coolers to their minimum temperatute?

coolers to minimum temp at T1 is hotter than space, so it just heats up the gas


yeah but enough to delam? surely not

This is true


All Lavaland Information has been merged with the Shaft Miner job page

Unless you are talking about the ruins as previously stated, as even the space runes dont have a page either (I think anyway)

Time to necro this thread, lots of places in the wiki do be outdated, and I’d just like to remind the lazy people who dont want to update it themself, that they can push the workload onto others.

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There’s loads of good stuff in #guides that should be merged into the wiki for starters.


syndicate items is missing stuff and some TC costs be outdated

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well aint this a necro moment, I assume the months that I have been gone that the wiki still hasnt been updated.

Which is probably fine at the moment considering how much has been recently changed

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cunt stop going through my posts to make snarky-ass replies, this shit is half a year old and well before those changes

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that comment was way before ruko took a fat shit on mining you brainlet

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Was trying to update the ID and PDA pictures, but couldn’t find their icons in the git. Where are they?