Wigelo2069 Permanently Banned by pricklytomato

CKEY: wigelo2069

Admin’s CKEY: pricklytomato

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: MRP only.

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): Yesterday

Round ID: 44035

Ban Reason: Ghosted soon after being caught by sec after having broken into the armory. Told players that they “desvered to be hung” and valid hunters. When a antag breaks into the armory, a manhunt is a natural response. Was very salty in deadchat and during the ticket. DC’d mid-conversation and before I could give the shorter ban I planned, so here’s the customary DC-perma-ban. Appeal on forums if you’d like.

Appeal Reason: Thought it was fine to leave, admin told me he is gonna ban me, I stuck around and talked with a guy in dchat who tried to bait me until I decided its enough thinking I am free to leave since the issue is resolved and went to sleep.

Additional Information:

It seems like you disconnected mid-ticked, which is why you were issued the ban

I was the Warden this round and can provide a little context, this guy was extremely salty that AI reported his movements, he called that validhunting, he called the fact that captain saw him armed and set to arrest and baton’d him validhunting, you were chased by security because you rushed armory at the 10 minute mark with a gbow and just weren’t as robust as you hoped, you fled into maints i reported you fleeing into maints while I arrested catherine brown for obstructing me with harm intent “a traitor who would have helped you had you rp’d btw” and then you took to LOOC telling me that we all needed to hang ourselves in real life, i felt bad for you because there was ALOT of people around you when I came upon you with captain, maybe they did all validhunt you, but two were security, one was HoP and the other was Captain, and if your shooting at people in halls I don’t think you can expect commands help.

I shot at people running towards me, hop and captain were chasing me through maints, ai was trying to lock me,firelock crush me in and start to syphon so yes, I will call how I see it (also another traitor has literally no reason to help me since our objectives wouldnt have aligned)

Also trash calling me unruboust for trying out a bad weapon smh

Tell us, is there even a good reason to consider unbanning you?

Suppose there is nothing I can do if you want to ban me over something that happened last year

Im not trying to shit on you dude, don’t want it to come across that way but your just not making much sense. I can concur AI was trying to lock you, but you could have said codewords to Catherine and asked for help? Use your words maybe? The thing I want you to understand is that you’d be getting reported regardless because of poor antag conduct even if you had of robusted us all, rushing armory with emag wordlessly and killing all sec and command still would have netted you a bad antag conduct report.

It more speaks towards your intentions of playing here. Your overall attitude, rudeness towards other players, and the fact that you were caught griefing and bad evading on other servers. Who is to say you’re not here to grief either?

Also even though I think this IS a griefer account just making these reports for laughs, if he was Validhunted when we had a fully staffed sec team maybe you should look into it, because I just remember we had alot of officers a HOS, Det and Warden, we didn’t need Hop or Capcurity.

Ps. although I think AIs actions are fine because you were harming by shooting laser in halls.

If that was my intention I would have taken a job that can just make a bomb and place them around the station you know, though that is such a loaded question that cant really be disproven (through mere text that is) so I wonder what the point of asking it is if you probably already have made a decision

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Technically you did take a job that can make bombs, you just rolled antag so didn’t need too.

Really if you say that for botanist than any job is eligible, also nice peanut gallery I suppose?

Not really, botanist can make explosive lemons or even worse pacid tomatoes, Also not really a peanut gallery since I was the one who arrested you and was giving my direct imput about the round. Dw buddy you’ll get a good griefer run that you can use in your youtube montage sometime soon for sure.

Not bait by some 10 year old btw

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This seems to have gone unnoticed, so just gonna say both servers are the same RP level, and neither server is labeled as MRP.

Both servers are for roleplaying with RP and staying IC required by all players including antagonists, and including those that havs been caught.

What led you to believe the server was MRP or had only one MRP server?

Give the guy a break, we all get occasionally salty after dying in a video game

At least this guy made an appeal for his dc ban, now the admin is hanging it over his head for stuff he did on other servers 7+ months ago.

You’re correct, it’s normal to be a little upset sometimes after dying.
It’s not normal or remotely okay to tell people to kill themselves in response to being a little upset.

I feel like you have the intention of baiting a negative response so I will just wait for the one who can actually make a judgement to arrive

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