WhyisCaeciliusTaken Admin Report

CKEY: Dutchylwd

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: WhyisCaeciliusTaken

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12 - 28 - 2020

Round Number: 745151

Rules Broken (if relevant): 

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): Closing tickets instead of hearing out / questioning further.

Incident Description: Some event going on, apparently a scientist won a little something and got upgraded to RD, known person named Camille. She walks into Genetics without a word and starts using my console where i have hulk on and everything. I of course drag her out since i wasn’t aware she was the RD. She clearly had a PDA with a Scientist ID in it. She wore as i recall a Captain backpack, RD Cloak. With there being reports of confirmed lings. So i ofcourse screech for security. She decides to just shove me and further conflict. We both get teleported into the brig holding cells. She without a word at all gets out the back, tries to escape without saying a word as i try to tell sec she is escaping. Every word i say is stuttered out because of a beepsky stunning me as a hulk. Even when a seccie tells her to stop, she still opens the windoor and climbs up. I kill the beepsky because and as is tradition, security just stands there and drools not doing a thing. Warden decides to pull out their Lethal gun and crits me. Cuffs me into a chair for 5 minutes, puts me in for another 3 minutes without searching me or anything and then decides to assault me further. Stomping on me and throwing me against someone else a few times before letting me go.

Yeah, bullshit situation right? So i ahelped. After a few back and forth with Caecilius i basically get told “Yeah during arrest sec can crit hulk.” and that is that, ticket closed.

Nothing asked to clarify things, no chance to say another word. Next ahelp gets entirely ignored. I was already brigged, i didn’t try to get out of the cell only until after she decides to go to the armory to get another lethal since she emptied most of her shots on a clone in the cells mistakingly. I never hurt, or tried breaking out. Literally only screeching that she is escaping, a scientist with captain gear. RD cloak and all.

Additional Information: Let me make it clear, i don’t care anymore about the dumb shit warden pulls and the absolute randomness of the rules that apparently only exist one time but not another. What really bothers me is that any genuine mistakes or fucks up i pulled before get noted, looked at in depth and overly punished big time that i have to appeal. Yet the moment this shit situation appears, i get my ticket closed just like that? Over something they didn’t bother to answer or clarify further?

The exact same shit this warden did is something i myself at first, and OTHERS got chewed out for. So why does this just get thrown aside like that?

And as a side note, if by any chance this falls down to “But you beat that beepsky!” i can take it that next time i see a hulk try to explain something. I can have a beepsky stun him 24/7 without doing a thing about it, and then fuck him up if he beats it? Just want to clarify that.

Said scientist was the RD. They were your boss. Security did not stop the RD because they had done nothing illegal. You attempted to eject your boss from your workplace, smashed beepsky and were impossible to arrest with stun weapons, so you were detained with lasers instead.

You didn’t ask for clarification, you just called my response “bullshit moderation”

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I had captains headset and gloves. Rest was RD gear. I shoved you because you assaulted your boss for essentially no reason. You were hulk so sec fixed that. You also threatened to kill me. I had AA as part of the event, but that doesn’t change that I was still RD at core

stop seetheing and make a player report instead

So let me make this clear, a person with a SCIENTIST. yes S C I E N T I S T id wearing a RD cloak and Captains gear walks into genetics without a word using my console. I am supposed to somehow know “Oh yeah that guy with a scientist ID is totally the RD right there.”

Stop making things up without reading. I noted this, if i get a job change or get promoted in any sort of way. I make sure to update it, if a guy wearing captain gear. RD gear with a scienstist ID. I will freak out and call security. You’re completely disregarding everything i have mentioned. The same warden i am pointing out shot a bunch of lethals into a bunch of crew later on.

I have never bitched or cried about a head taking shit from my console, i gave it to others earlier in the round. On the same round with lings confirmed you just pop in without updating your PDA wearing a mix of captains gear / just a RD cloak. And i am supposed to think you are my boss?

Scientist PDA not Scientist ID.

Since this was IC conflict from an IC mistake, there was no ooc action taken by the Admin.

However, you were still liable for your IC actions.

I 100% examined them a few times and it said Scientist on their ID. There must be a way to check around that time if that was the case. It was the sole reason i dragged them out and it all started.

If you put an ID of a different job or name into your pda, your PDA will still display your old information until you specifically update it.

However, to people that have security huds, they will see the icon of the ID card’s assigned job.

So it is very possible that you saw the PDA that said scientist, but security saw that they had the purple and white explanation mark that classified them as the research director.

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I was just about to put a edit down that perhaps that was the case. But they didn’t say shit about it for a while, they just tried to take off without saying a word through the front desk of security. People scream about being killed by lings, i try to be extra careful with what is going on. And as i try to explain sec everything i get 24/7 stunned stuttering like crazy by beepsky. They just stare and do nothing as she gets to walk away. It can be a event all you want, but if you don’t inform others and don’t update your PDA. How am i supposed, a lone genetics guy in their corner not supposed to freak out and ask for security? Why can’t they just shut the beepsky off? Why do they wait till i kill it to lethal me in brig when i had plenty of chances to break out or attack anyone. I told in my Ahelp about the warden, and same warden ended up just blasting lethals into random crew when some tried to get into the middle are between public and the bridge part of the shuttle.

Edit: same warden who decided to just stomp me a few times, throw me into some engineer a few times for no reason after i did my time. But my ticket just gets closed.

Edit2: Let me make it clear that the stuff with RD is cleared up obviously. The main reason i ahelped was related to the shitty warden. It is extremely annoying to just see people do what i and others get warned for. But my shit i ahelp about gets closed right away. If anything, this just boils down to them staring at me like sheep stuttering every word. At any point the warden could have turned beepsky off. Told me if they managed to understand me that it was actually RD. But they choose to just stand there silently until i smashed beepsky to talk normally. And afterwards throw me casually into another person several times, use krag mava gloves on me when i am not even doing anything after serving my time.

I would suggest that you also make a report on the warden because that is not behavior that we want from security.

Well that is just it. The RD story was just to make the entire situation clear. The main point was about the warden, and my ticket got closed despite me also pointing out that aside just critting me after i stood there for a while talking as i was stuttering due to beepsky. They just let me sit there for a while, put me in for more. Never searched me and just straight up beat my ass up, throwing me several times onto another person. I didn’t move or say a word. The reason this is a Admin report and not a player report for the Warden is because these situations fucking suck when said Admin just closes the ticket like that.

It could have probably prevented the Warden from shooting lethals into a crowd on the shuttle later on as well. Not saying WhyisCaeciliusTaken is a bad Admin or anything at all but in the past my tickets got just closed mid-talk as well leading to further chaos by said person i Ahelped about. And if you sit there thinking “Others got talked to or banned about this before, so why would i once more have to go onto the forums for something that could be handled during the Ahelp moment” then it is just shitty.

I guess my only goal in the end here is, if there is even slight cause to perhaps look further into things when you still easily can in a round. Don’t close tickets so you could prevent further potential dumb stuff happening.

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Sec as a whole this round was abhorrent. I was arrested multiple times even though command was screaming at sec that I’m supposed to be protected

They were all trigger itchy

I feel this is an IC issue as space law allows you to shoot hulks under lethal force to de-hulk since hulks have an immunity to stuns, being perfectly honest if you have any complaints a player report should be made against the Warden.