Why was I beaned?

Discord ID: BananaSlamma12

Admin Discord ID: No idea

Ban Type: Discord

Ban Length: Forever?

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 05/04/2020

Ban Reason: Honestly don’t know

Appeal Reason: Why was I beaned?

Additional Information: I want to know.

Sorry im retarded, scratch that last post


Was looking through banlist until I saw it’s a discord ban, sorry bruh moment lmao

You have been temp banned for block evading on Discord.

you were removed 10 minutes ago from the time of this post, no mention other than you ‘‘leaving’’ the discord I can see

What does that even mean exactly?

Evading a block to harass someone

I wasn’t block evading though I didn’t even know what a block evade was until now.

Using bot to spam ping me after I’ve blocked you for pinging me by name.

Then trying to say “I’m not spamming pings, the bot is!”

I didn’t even know you blocked me lmao.

The ping spam is still wholly unnecessary and I don’t want my pings disabled so I’m actually able to respond when players ping for help with things.

If you weren’t intentionally trying to get around the block though, my request for the ban is somewhat invalid. Can’t deal with my own issues so it’s not really up to me (just like I couldn’t be the one to ban you in the first place)

How long is the ban gonna last?

24 hours total
24 hours total
24 hours total


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20 characters
20 characters

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It’s been 24 hours why am I not unbeaned?

Ill do it now for you, one sec

All set