Why the New Firelocks are Bad

Hey hey, it’s ya boy Sumter here.

As of the fastmos update, the firelocks and airlocks were also updated to act differently. The firelocks are now two sets of doors except one, and the airlocks use a realistic repressurizing system before cycling.
I’m here to tell you why the firelocks are hot garbage and what should be done about them to make them better.

First off, If we are going for realism the old firelocks were more realistic as they were designed to be bulkhead doors similar to those seen or naval vessels, or on sci-fi space vessels. the doors are full-sized because any door smaller than that would cave into the pressure of the water (or in the sci-fi setting, the air pressure trying to leak out). If the station was a real station, we’d all be dead the second a window got broken.

Mechanic-wise, they are frustrating to deal with both as silicons and as the crew.
For one, when a fire does occur, they fail in their core reason for existing by closing a nanosecond too late to keep the plasma fire from spreading, and actually get some of that blazing inferno trapped between the locks which will NEVER GO OUT.
Secondly, dragging anything through these locks is pure pain, as half the time they will force you to let go of whatever you are dragging and you have to try several times to drag anything through, which if that thing was a dying crewmate then those few seconds of having to fight with the firelocks can likely mean the crewmates death.
Sometimes, the firelocks will refuse to open due to some random pressure check which forces you to use a crowbar on it, which not everyone carries and gets frustrating real quickly when it wont let you into departures to escape or that you keep accidentally hitting someone because their hitbox overlaps the firelocks.
When the firelocks get destroyed, they leave behind two broken firelocks that you have to waste time trying to move out of the way because you can’t simply dissasemble them, which since just about every door on the station comes with a pair of firelocks, just trying to get to a place you are trying to fix is a timely task.
As a silicon, you have ZERO special control over these airlocks. You cannot use them to box in people due to them just being able to walk through the firelocks, unless you also simultaneously cut APC power, which you can’t because pressing the fire alarm and the off button on the APC takes just long enough for the person to escape. Multiple times as AI I’ve been thwarted by the firelocks on my own sat trying to move my core using the air pressure, or trying to intentionally use the air pressure to push people off my sat, which both limits my creativity as far as using the games mechanics, and also severely limits the AIs control over the station despite the AI supposedly having total control over the station’s electronics.
You cannot intentionally space the air in the station now without an RCD. There are times where parts of the station get flooded with lethal gasses and its best to vent the entire room instead of setting the air alarm to panic siphon and waiting 3 hours for the room to vent. With the old firelocks, you could open them for a second to at least spread out the gas for multiple air alarms to vent, but since the new firelocks automatically close and there are two of them, the only way to spread the gas is to physically walk through them (thus again also defeating their purpose).

You may be wondering, how do we fix all of that? It’s simple! You don’t.
The old firelocks did all this properly with the old atmos and they would be just as effective with the new atmos with some updates to their code.
The biggest argument I’ve heard is that with just one big door if it were opened it would space the room you just opened as well. Isn’t that how it works in real life? Don’t we have several warnings in place telling you forcing open firelocks can be a bad idea? Doesn’t atmos have a particular item designed to PREVENT THAT FROM HAPPENING?
The only things you’d have to do to upgrade the old firelocks is to give them the pressure warning the new ones have when trying to force them open and they will work just fine. If people “accidentally” space the entire station, it is their fault for ignoring the warnings and not having an atmos tech do their jobs and fix the problem. Even if that does happen, everyone has a skin suit in their bag to put on temporarily as the station refills, which is rather quick as long as atmos hasn’t blown up since round start.
Even if you removed the old firelocks ability to crush people, I’d still rather have them than the new firelocks.

Long story short, The new firelocks are bad as they are not only difficult to work with, but also fail to do the very job they exist for, and with just a few small updates to the old firelocks they would both be the better option as well as more realistic to how they would function IRL. Please look into reverting the firelocks, as the function of the new ones are enough to keep me from playing any job that has me dealing with them I used to like playing and I’m sure I’m not the only person who finds them infuriating.


I see where you are coming from, but i dont see how - taking an airlock which is allright at stopping a breach, bad at stopping plasma, clunky to work with for a firelock which is bad at stopping at breach, bad at stopping a plasmafire, but is more comfortable - is in any way better fitting.

All firelocks are equally capable, the major and only difference between the two is that the full size firelocks cannot be airlocked through, meaning you can only cross them without a tool if both sides are safe.

the chunkylock stops fires and breached better than the littlelocks and only fails if someone who in underprepared opens them.

you have to wait a whole minute to walk through the new actual airlocks, why do you get a pass for the firelocks? you shouldn’t be able to pass them at all unless you are the engi or atmos tech equipped to fix the problem.

This is pretty much why I want to go back to chonklocks

Either the other side is safe, or you take the time to accept that you are either entering to fix the problem, or are liable to make it worse.


You get it!

Bring back chunky firelocks.


But bringing the old ones back means that you cant even go out for repairs in a breached room without compromising the neighboring one as well

Holofans would like to have a word.

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Yeah, but as far as i remember engineers dont get them roundstart?
Atmos gets em, but usually engies are supposed to fix the breaches, no?

Technically they’re supposed to be cooperating.

Guess it will never happen then.

Not like engies fixed anything anyways.

Fixing a room to its original state as engineering is just downright impossible.
Fixing a room’s atmos is painful as FUCK especially when it’s heat related!
Let alone when it’s the entire station’s atmos being fucked with!

Engies & Atmossies don’t do their job because it’s too much!

Fixing a room from a breach or a local fire is piss easy.

Fixing a sabotaged atmos is almost impossible if done right, however, i agree.

Step 1: Vent hot gas to space
Step 2: Seal the created breach
Step 3: Ensure room is refilling with normal temp atmos from vents, or if need be, from a canister set to release at normal pressure.

Ta-da, your temperature problem is fixed.
It’s worth noting the problem is not fixed until after it starts to refill - rooms are not cooled simply by being exposed to space because all tiles retain their last temperature even if no gas remains on them. Once any volume of gas hits a 0-volume super-heated tile, the tile will adopt the new temperature per normal temperature calculations (and zero volume means the old heat is completely erased).

Honestly I don’t get how people can say it’s too much to fix a breach or atmos problem - sure you aren’t going to easily get it back to exactly how it was, but you can get it more than functional and quickly repair walls even without an RCD with just a bit of iron.

The heat that seeped into other rooms starts seeping back :>
Man, I’m telling you, heat is a bitch to fix, especially when it’s plasma fires.
I have never been able to fix a room’s heat properly, even with the venting method.

Breaches are izi pizi to fix, unless it was a max-cap or syndie bomb, then it’s time for damaged station: the station. You can patch it up, but you won’t fix the rooms.
RCDs consume lots of resources to operate, with the tech upgrades they can build computer and machine frames, which is neat, but I think it would be cool if deconstruction costed less and could deconstruct destroyed machines when given the correct upgrade.

An item that would fix the floor decals would be cool, I hate having that one off colored tile.

If a room is constantly having items juggled within it because doors are being opened, it is not fixed. (This becomes pure hell when you’re trying to craft items, e.g robots, enmasse), atmos bots need a buff and the threshold for items to be pushed needs to be increased while the threshold that indicates wind is flowing needs to be decreased, it’s just a cool effect, seeing this effect in the research room and sm chamber to indicate that yes, air is flowing, would be cool, unless it’s resource intensive, I guess.

While I’m talking about bots, I think bots should start with the correct settings; they are classified as “correct” because they are what you’d want out of them.
E.G: Clean bots get every setting to yes & auto patrol, atmos bots scrub everything and fix heat too, that sorta thing.

Like most of my posts, poor English because I am tired and just not up to writing a full essay, just quote me or message me if you require clarification, reasoning or elaboration; I’ve had the joy of making bots, fighting atmos, and building and repairing rooms enough times to share valid criticism of the current systems.

Agree heat in multiple rooms is a bitch unless you can vent all the affected rooms. back to the main topic, since the minilocks don’t prevent hot air from escaping to other rooms (due to some ignorant fool walking through them and the firelocks not closing properly behind them) it makes more sense to have the bulklocks that outright prevent people from walking into the hot area, that way atmos techs might have a chance to fix the problem before it gets worse.

As for venting out rooms for crowbaring open the bulklocks, yes thats a problem with them, but the person with the crowbar has ample warnings that what they are doing is a bad idea. The firelocks are already spaced in such a way that makes it so it’s not a huge deal if the room next to the breached one gets spaced, as the firelocks behind those ones will activate. If an atmos or engi is the one working on it, they have atmos fan projectors to use to make sure the room doesn’t get spaced. Alternatively, anyone can take a EVA suit and just go out of an airlock and fix a breach if it was a external station wall or window that was destroyed.

add some holofan projectors to EVA storage. Bam! anyone can go fix a breach.