Why removing "Based" and "Nya" from the game will seriously improve roleplay

Cool fact, I don’t give a shit about “It isn’t netspeak because I say it IRL”; that’s the very reason it needs to be removed. Because people of the 21st century say it. This is a roleplay server, set hundreds and hundreds of years into the future, on a station staffed by highly trained professionals. Your character is not you, he does not say based, he does not say cringe, he is a scifi spaceman from the far flung future living on an advanced research facility in space. The separation between player and character here is too damn low, including in how people talk; you can’t just walk around having your guy talk and act exactly like he was you, and starting bans for people using slang like “Based” or "Cringe is an easy first move to make.

Thank you.


“Angry” style was for the funny but the ideas are still solid. Speech is basically the most important way we interact with each other, so having 0 separation between your character’s speech and your IRL speech is bad for a lot of things, not just roleplay. (Having very little separation between you and your character makes people get mad when the character dies, for one.)

It’s a really simple/easy change to make that will have a big impact on how people behave, and in a good way.

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Finally, a remove Nya thread I didn’t have to make

I feel like with how quickly the morbin meme was instantly stymied, they’d actually do something about people just wandering around vomiting up “Based” “Cringe” or “Nya” like that’s somehow roleplay. If I said “Ah, thank you for placing that order, you’re based” my boss would be like “Hey bud, you uhh… just blow in from stupid town?”


while I agree based/cringe should be removed, you can’t really filter them (maybe you could fitler cringe) since they are just words with memed meanings

nya on the other hand
shut the fuck up, I am sick and fucking tired about people complaining about nya that it has become way more annoying than people actually saying nya


ok furry



this but for bruh



Is my non-existent dementia acting up or have I seen multiple similar threads like this before?


We’ve had this thread like ten times now, yes

The answer is the same as always
not evrything needs to be filterd
If you act lrp, you ought to get bonked for acting in an lrp manner.
No matter which of the discussed words are involved.

If someone acts in a low/no roleplay fashion that makes no sense for a reasonable character, ahelp them and have the issue resolved.


Then why filter morbing time instead of just “more bonks”? :thinking:

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i said not all things have to be filterd
not “we dont want some things to be filterd”

Oh that one guy did a poem and it worked out. Okay i’ll do one to get MY point across

If you filter all or filter none
ye in between shall get no bun

okay yeah


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Honestly removing the word “based”, a word that literally can be used to a sentence and not be based (unintentional I swear) off a meme/netspeck is a terrible suggestion.

As for “Nya” I don’t know, wiki references Nya, so cope and sethe about it I guess.

Anyways, can we remove the english language because the whole thing is a big meme. Nya~

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Just give felinids a *nya emote instead


fine no bun then

I didn’t wanna have to do this, you seem like a cool guy with a great family, good career, lots of PHDs and I heard you got a Tony for your recent broadway retelling of “How the HoP got Ian”, but you may have NO ROLL

Every thread discussing Nya checklist

  • Human players asking for it to be defined as netspeak
  • Felinid players saying cope
  • Non-human players saying they don’t mind
  • Wilchen making fun of the majority opinion
  • Admins closing the thread for getting out of hand
  • Nothing being changed

Lets see how quickly we can get through the checklist



I make fun of the side that gets more mad