Why not just record every round of ss13 you play

makes reports a million times easier and gives you a way to look back at the funnies

That’s just called shadowplay.

windows 10 has a integrated recording software.

Honestly that’s news to me.

press windows key + g

Oh yeah that one. Forgot about that tbh

u got disc space for that ?

record, upload to youtube, delete from your hardrive.

Yeah I sure do feel like uploading a 700mb video with a 50kb/s upload speed every day.


Imagine piling evidence against yourself lmao


Imagine doing anything that’d create evidence.

Didn’t I make this suggestion like a week or so ago within a forum thread? Ruko said it didn’t seem possible to make a plugin for such a thing, but maybe he misunderstood me. It’d be nice to have a program that detects when you open a Byond game, records it, then unrecords it when you close it and saves about 5 videos before deleting the 1st one automatically.