Why is goon so secretive over their secret chems and stuff

Like bruh I can just code dive and find most of the secret chems, hidden items, and ways to get badges. If you ask for any help or tips for a secret chem or badge on their discord they generally go apeshit.

like chill


No you cant.

Goon keeps that stuff closed source. Its not on their public Github.

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there’s fun in discovery. Plus, there’s literally a channel for secrets discussion.
Dont post spoilers in general chat

because there’s a dedicated section for discussing secrets there. Don’t post about them outside of that to avoid spoiling the hunt for others.

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So they can abuse that stuff and form an elite club

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Also you can literally just…buy the hints for secret chems and telescience isnt that hard…

Because that shit is cool, and unbalanced

Just DM me on discord if you want the notorious telescience guide. (My version is from around 2018-2019 ish, there might be a more recent one out there)

this is false. all but 5 chems, most of which are pending removal anyway, are all on the public repo.

Last i checked there was like 19 secret chems.

And i was referring to the fact that you cant look on the Github for badges and secrets.

You can look for the secret rates i believe. But not like what they contain.

Theres only 6 that I know of. All the other chems are in the chemistry file with their recipes open to view.

Badges are secret, but you can still ask in the dedicated spoiler channel how to obtain them.

The wiki said something like 19 last i checked. But yes, that is true.

And yes you can. But you cant code dive otherwise everyone would look.

It works like Chickens i believe. Just so people cant figure out how to abuse it. (Cause its not like anyone who wants to get the Solarium wouldnt also codedive to make it easier…)

Badges are in the github repo, by the way. You can search by badge name.

But not their requirements. As in how to obtain them.

Yes they are

search for “unlock_medal” in visual studio code.

Ok then. I stand corrected. Point redacted.

It takes like 5 minutes to find a pastebin with tons of secret shit for goon
Its over a year out of date, but still
I tried some of the chem recipes in it on clover and atleast the ones i tried work.

Plus, like others said - code dive. Not evrything that is “secret” is actualy secret code, only some of it.

Clover doesn’t have any due to the secret folder

But there’s stuff that’s just omitted from the wiki, but is public in the code, some of those may have been in that list.

Also weird to hear that most secret chems are gone, I remember back when it was like a semi-big deal to pay 5bux for SA access which told you some of the recipes and gave hints for others.

Guess the bulk of sekrit is for the adventure zone and just random interactions?

Yeah, I looked in the code, and I haven’t tried them, but they literally have the full werewolf serum chain in there, and I think even at least part of the chems for Quark-Gluon-Plasmsa. Maybe its a trick to keep people from looking?