Why havent Changelings been nerfed yet?

Realistically, they’re an incredibly common antagonist, that appear in groups, and have more power than most other antags.
A changeling has some abilities that a wizard cant even replicate, IE: resonant shriek, free mulligans. Changelings also get a hidden, sharp, robust as fuck weapon, a summonable shield and armor, on demand stimulants and healing meds, the ability to clear toxins.

The point is, for how easy it is to become an all powerful piece of shit as a ling, theres little to no counterplay, and I want to know WHY?

Why doesnt ear protection work against shriek?
Why is the cost for arm blade and armor still so low?
Why is there not even regular conversation about making things better in regards to lings?

If lings were as rare as Wizard, it might be okay for how powerful they are. But currently you get lings every other round and want to kill yourself

We’ve already had large player approval of one specific nerf. We just aint implemented it:

Removes both changeling gamemodes from rotation

Traitors now have a very small chance to spawn as a ling

This is cuz changelings are nearly as wiznerds, so relegating them to a similar rarity is an easier fix than just nerfing em

So, this means they spawn as a changling instead, or a traitorling?

Not gonna lie, as long as it gets rid of team ling, i’m happy.

Changeling, still. I’d imagine nothing would change about that.

Also, armblade is overrated. We have like two great stuns abilites, why waste 20 chems to summon a blade when you can just steal a stun baton or a fire axe?

Armblade aint just damage. It’s:

Easily concealed
One handed
Cant be disarmed
Costs only a fifth of your points and can be rerolled.

Yeah armblade trumps fire axe in utility by miles, it allows plausible deniability and a way to conceal yourself. If someone’s on a fire axe rampage you can just down anyone holding one

You forgot that it can pry open doors.

Still, everything it does (except for disarming, but you’re a ling, if they are near you and didn’t get stunned, you’re doing something wrong) can be easily replicated for cheap, and some options are even better. Though I will give you easily hidden, that’s a big one.

If some one is on an armblade rampage, the same occurs, only now everyone panics because you’re a ling

Just me personally, but I think armblade is a waste. Not that it’s underpowered, it’s effective, but in my opinion, you’re better off spending points on something like tentacle grab and a stun baton, or X-ray vision.

Main reason I never take it is because it costs twenty chems to summon, and it slows chem regen. I’d much prefer spam dissonant and resonant shriek with a knife, fire axe or stun baton instead.

And you said it yourself. Lings have stimulants, so getting stunned for a second isn’t a huge deal. Wait for them to get close, smash that shriek button, and walk the stun off as you axe them.

Though, I don’t play murderbone ling either, i’m a maintenance rat with x-ray vision most of the time, so I can always choose my battles, so being disarmed is rarely an issue, and spamming dissonant and resonant shriek to silence and incapacitate a victim is usually more than enough, even with a low dmg weapon. Maybe it’s a bigger deal for murderboners, but those guys almost always end up dead so…

FYI adrenals have become pretty much dog shit since they’re better for hard stuns than stamina damage

Well, I saw victor posted something about that, but it looks like it was either ignored or in progress.

Still counters taser and batons

ah yes and how many tasers are there?
1 if hotel doesn’t spawn 2 if hotel spawns and more when wizard summons guns
also it doesn’t counter batons since they also deal stamina damage