Why does monkey round still exist

does anybody like the jungle fever mode literally

hey guys today i am going to do something funny with my job haha oh god oh fuck i got bit by a monkey fuck time to either

  • A)
    turn into a monkey and die 5 minutes later being permanently put out of the round
  • B)
    kill myself and rot in cloning, where all my shit gets stolen
  • C)
    get cloned and get bit by a monkey right after

ho you posted during round about monkey round :’(

I only saw a monkey bite one person. Flash protection + run in halls = many more monkeys

bro, monkeys get fucked so hard by the crew just distributing flashes because the monkeys can’t wear eye protection

I guess the mode would be fine after monkei buff

NO the concept is flawed and it should be removed. alteast on mrp

If round didn’t end it wouldn’t be that bad