Why do people hunt down space vines

like, cant you just let it grow and watch nature at work

Botnis bad.

hurka durka i am croo membur i apply welder to spac vines until horizondal because thats all i think about ooga chaka

Space vines can do shit like; remove tiles, remove oxygen, spawn simplemobs, explode, block movement, create plasma.

well then just corral the space vines towards security instead of completely destroying them

sending weaponized vines towards security

kudzu isnt that bad, we dont have any other plants or trees here on the station, so just let it grow

be sort of like vault 87 or whatever its called that one vault with all the plants and shit


yeah but that vault got overrun by SPORE DEATH MEN THAT KILL

Nobody wants a lethal pod-sporeman killing their crew! Remove space bones and kudzu today!

ah yes let me allow the shitstain to get bigger and do nothing useful than look ugly and block vision

I mean the vines cannot physically be valid, as there is no player controlling them, blobs on the otherhand…

“An extremely fast-growing vine. This one consumes oxygen.”

“An extremely fast-growing vine. This one is covered in thorns”

“An extremely fast-growing vine. This one consumes oxygen, hardened thorns, explosive.”

(An actual description from a round where they were unkempt)

I remember that round…

I swear, they had some kind of monster heart or something growing in their, because there was some weird structures in there.