Why do no other admins dualmin?

I use to be able to dualmin and play ai at the same time. While I don’t expect just anyone to be able to do that, I do think dualminning isn’t that hard provided you are playing something like chemistry. LRP has a ticket every like, hour. Is it possible that some more admins could dualmin like I did?

kasual used to because he cared

because they love slacking on the job that they dont even get paid for


If by dualmin you mean playing the game and admining at the same time, Dallen does this all the time

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I remember getting upset at an AI for barely responding and then being told they’re dualminning.

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It means adminning both servers at the same time, something that only three admins I’m aware of had the nerve to do consistently.

Kasual stopped doing it because of how cumbersome it was, and Bass acting like it’s easy is pretty insulting when

I can guarantee this was him. Dualminning means making sacrifices on your attention in some area or another. You’re going to be SSD when someone needs you IC constantly, or you’re going to have very long ticket delays.

I can’t speak for everyone but I prefer to keep my focus on one round at a time and hop servers if a ticket comes through the feed from the other.


Ai is NOT the job you wanna be doing when dualminning tbh, however as stated later

Jobs that require little to no attention are possible to do. I remember most of the time lrp got like, 5 tickets maximum after most people went to mrp. I just want some fuckin lrp mins man

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I don’t really consider chemist a job that requires no attention, or almost any job unless you’re doing 100% your own thing and dedicated to having zero interactions with other players… at which point playing on a server with others becomes a bit moot.

The only jobs I can think of are Janitor/Assistant and if you count it, spawning yourself in as a drone. If you’re constantly unable to respond it kind of puts a damper on things.

Virologist, botanist, cargo tech, janitor, bartender, assistant (0 attention jobs)
Yes, even the virologist. Viruses are handled by chemistry, not the virologist.

Virologist you’re got me, not a lot of interaction required there. Assistant and Janitor I already listed.

Cargo Tech and especially bartender I flat disagree with. Bartender is wasted on someone that doesn’t tend to the bar. Cargo Tech and Botanist are like chemist - just because you can get away with ignoring what everyone else wants/says doesn’t make it good for the game as a whole.

Botanist admittedly is the weakest point for the three of them given that there are multiple botanists and no other game mode/player actually relies on the department for anything. Chefs can fully function without plants.


Oh then I think it’s possible. Just expect to be burned out after a week or two. Juggling between LRP and MRP rules is going to be tricky but I do believe some of the current admins have it in them

I did that when I was younger, but then I got shot with multiple tickets.
There are times when there’s literally nothing going on for like a half of an hour, and then a fuckton of tickets and you die.
Those admins that do that are baddest of asses and everyone should thank them for their existence.


I used to be a dualmin like you, then I took a ticket to the knee

Also this 100%. I can’t do it while staying sane and neither can most. I wasn’t trying to fault Bass for doing it either, it just feels insulting to hear someone say it’s easy while ignoring the drawbacks for doing it.