Why did i do this

i planted an old sandwich in a desk in my school on Monday and it’s now Thursday and my head feels weird and i smell a really fucking funky odor and my eyes feel weird and i dont know what to do

Lmao you breathed miasma lol get cucked plasmameme

im like unironically choking right now

moccha ples

it’s getting hard to breathe, ive been sitting at this desk for about half an hour or so by now

just grab a oxygen tank and trow the sandvich away

but i was the one to put the sandwich there, i can’t throw it away like this

You either trow or you go to lavaland your choice plasmeme

everyone else in the class is asking what the smell is

what does it mean when you smell eggs and burnt toast

like, i think it means you’re having a stroke or something or there’s a gas leak

CO2 is oderless so it ain’t that i recommend you doing something so that you know, you don’t die

Might be smelling Hydrogen sulfide wich is a gas released in decomposition in oxygen poor environments. It is quite poisonus and will give you Exposure to lower concentrations can result in eye irritation, a sore throat and cough, nausea, shortness of breath, and fluid in the lungs wich sounds like what you are experiencing

i think it is probably this as if it is in a desk that is not opened very much the o2 levels are probably withing the parameters for anaurobic digestion and i agree the symptoms sound like hydrogen sulfide. if it smells like rotten eggs that would be confirmation and then it is quite bad and you should probably clean your desk as fast as posible

haha oga breathed in fart gas lol!!