Why can we see dead chat while alive if we can't use it?

If you are in crit deep enough you are able to start seeing dead chat even though you aren’t dead yet. This is kind of wacky because we are not allowed to use that information even though we aren’t dead and it’s kind of confusing. Why even have it if you can just be healed up and it can immediately use it meta. it is stuff like this is why OOC is muted during round.

I’ve had that happen a couple of times and honestly wonder if it’s intentional or not.

It is intentional.

If you are in deep crit, close enough to death, for long enough, you can hear some deadchat.

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Is there any reason why that’s a thing? I could see it being a bit of ooc ic if you don’t die.

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The problem with NDE in game is that we are not supposed to use them or even acknowledge them, it would be fine to have NDE be something different (I.E. you can be a ghost but only hear through your bodies ears, unable too see deadchat, and move only a few tiles away from your body) but currently it is simply a way to access meta information that we are not allowed to use where OOC was removed for the same thing.

Okay so it’s for the sake of having flavor text. Can’t fault that.

I believe that you can acknowledge what you heard from ghosts (but also keep in mind ghosts can lie).

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It’s intentional, it only appears when you are so ridiculously close to death that it is very rare for you to stay alive. There are other ‘deadchat messages’ which are actually just prescripted random messages like the ones that pop up on the death hallucination, which can be confused for player messages too

For example I heard about changelings form the deadchat and said something about it and got bwoinked for it and was told not to say anything about it. ( I think it was Adear1 but I can’t remember for sure)

I got bwoinked for acknowledging it

You’re likely better off acknowledging it. And then doing absolutely nothing with the knowledge.
And by acknowledging I mean YOU acknowledging not telling people

If I as a character (not a player) can know something why can’t I tell people?

What I meant by my previous reply is it’s likely a situation where YOU know it but your character wouldn’t. It’s weird in this case tbh

Which brings me back to my original point. OOC was disabled because it gives you meta knowledge that you are not supposed to use. Why isn’t this disabled as well because it is the exact same problem. That or you should be able to use ghostly knowledge so long as you are not actually dead when you hear it.

It is a precedent that is not being stuck to is my problem.

I agree the ruling on whether it’s meta knowledge or not is too vague. My current interpretation is that it may or may not be meta depending on the admin. Which means there is likely no official ruling regarding this SPECIFICALLY (bit of a yikes). Where as with stuff like dying and then being revived you’re expected not to use ghost knowledge. But here you never died.

Exactly, it needs some kind of definitive ruling so that it is not just up to the whims of an admin. If it is decided meta knowledge may as well disable it like with OOC. If it is not meta knowledge it should be allowed to be used (though it shouldn’t make someone valid by itself because that’s bullshit).

Hearing dchat when you’re very close to death is one of those many, many little things that make SS13 a nicer experience, it’s the little things that count. I really love this feature, because it emphasizes how close you are to death.

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I really don’t think it should be removed. Flavor/Flavor text is a great thing. But it’s a little murky on if it’s meta info or not.

I still assume you shouldn’t talk about it IC though.