Why are pill bottles rare?

Why cant you print pill bottles, why do you have to steal or buy filled bottles from medbay, why not add the box of bottles to every map. I fucking love pill bottles we need more pill bottles and if this issue with pill bottles is not dealt with I will have to take drastic actions.

Mfw no pill bottles


Pill bottles


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have you heard about autolathes

Wait what, you CAN print that shit?

Autolathe medical section…

Ok but why is it in the autolathe instead of the protolathe. My anger has turned into confused anger.

Did you know that a chemist leaving medbay is likely to get abused and mugged by assistants and worst of all, security. This forces the chemist to suicidebomb the person harassing them with a methnade, leaving a hole in the station floor and two or more people dead, all because of pill bottles, do you think these deaths are worth the walk to cargo?

And if we think even further, who wants to get banned every time they need a pill bottle, that sounds like a real pain in the ass to deal with.

All this could be prevented by having the pill bottle be printable in the protolathe, it would be so easy to prevent senseless slaughter and useless bans but NO



Also there’s already two filled boxes of pill bottles in chemistry, roundstart in your locked chem locker.
i mean except for delta which doesn’t get pill bottles roundstart because lol yes

This raises further questions, why are chemists being oppressed in delta, this has been a major issue for ages.

Also why do I always roll chemist on delta? Is this a coincidence? I think not. This reveals a sinister plot hatched by the admin overlords, constantly making sure that I play chemist on delta, altering the role rolls and map rolls to slowly degrade my sanity by not providing me with my pill bottles.

All the other players get their share of the free roundstart pill bottles but whenever I play chemist it always ends up being on delta. This is way too consistent to be a coincidence.

Every single time it has to be on delta. I roll chemist? The map is delta? I accidentally get chemist? Delta. It keeps on happening and at this point its clear that this is exactly wha I just said, a plot to degrade my sanity round by round ny denying me access to the roundstart pillbottles.


it’s part of our plan. I am our final step.
Learn to map.
You see a change you wish to make, make it.
you have nothing to lose but your chains.

Is that your goal?


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I will not be the only one profiting from this.
You will gain your pill bottles
eventually we shall gain a mapper

reject methnade
progess to cf3 spray bottle

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Oh no I’m getting ptsd.

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i… what?

do people actually fucking do this?

Nitrous oxide cryosyringe for keeping everything pressurized


Quality thread.

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Did you read the thread? If the chemist leaves the lab he will most likely end up being forced to suicidebomb multiple security officers and/or assistants and will be banned for it. Not worth the travel to cargo.

Switch to MRP? 202020

What are you, a coward?

I already got a ban for this I dont want a permaban.