Who's stronger? SolGov or NT?

I’m having a debate in Dchat with this and wanna hear more opinions, I support that SolGov is better due to size and Nanotrasen being worried about solgov finding out about their law violations.

But I wanna hear what yall think!

corporate usually wins so long as money holds value in any way, shape or form

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Not realy a linear thing in my head tbh

the game is set on the frontiers so to say, mostly out of reach of solgov
here NT is pretty clearly the dominant force

But, in the core systems around sol, while NT still holds a good amount of sway, the gobmint is clearly in charge.

I imagine looking at numbers alone solgov would win in a landslide - but in reality, they’re slowed down by the sheer scale in size and distances they exsist at, add divided attentions on top of that and in outer systems where NT operates, they’ve barely got any sway.


To add on what llol said, to me, solgov is this huge burocratic government. Which we can probably all imagine takes ages to do even the most basic of changes or reforms.

While NT is a corporation, so can do things loose and fast. Thus being at the top regarding experimental new tech + exploration/colonization of space.

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Where are you guys taking that lore from? @llol111 @FreshMeatLover the default one that TG uses that’s been shared a couple of times?



(its just headcanon but because we’re important staff that makes it real™ )
((we dont actualy have any lore))


SolGov is powerful inside of Sol but doesn’t really extend out. I would imagine that corportations would become far more powerful than government bodies as they lose a lot of the morals and beurocratic overhead and only need to focus on their simple goals of making more money.

It’s referenced a lot in game (CC lawyers, etc) That Nanotrasen is worried about lawsuits (Not sure how bad they are but whatever) Lawsuits imply there’s a governmental body who manages lawsuit, SolGov has a way of enforcing lawsuits meaning they likely manage the credit system.


Whoever the writers want, lol.



It has ian

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Nanotrasen, Lorewise we don’t have SolGov anywhere yet, but in Space Law - BeeStation Wiki


bee lore


No matter what, nothing will stop me throwing hands with SpacePol as a SecOff


So yeah SolGov has some kind of influence outside of the Sol Sector.

I actually think we shouldn’t take sides.
It’s litterally not our problem, the police is arresting peoples that aren’t part of our crew and got in the station illegally.

But I’m adamant in making them feel the pressure of corpo’ mercs breathing down their necks, ready to baton them if they give them a casus belli.


i will not batong them for shits and giggles but as soon as they do anything illegal i will remind them they are not above the law with extreme violent force


I see many peoples doing it, and it annoys me as a player and admin. Because most of the time it’s not an IC reason, it’s “Lmao, fuck da’ police, lul” wich is…NRP. Get a reason to hate on the cops, peoples…


Doesnt matter who is stronger there is no cannon and it will change depending due to admin variance.

There is no good interaction if Solgov is sided with. The cops will and can just easily arrest their quarry if granted free reign then subsequently fuck off. Barely any impact to the shift.

Solgov and Stowaways should leverage RP to their advantage and sway the crew directly. Command/Sec will only get in the way or tilt the balance way too much. Its in the best interest of RP/conflict to stay impartial to solgov and stowaways.

However if you are having problems with IC/RP reasons, consider these to influence the round.

Where is your Intergalactical Travel Order
‘NT wishes to see your paperwork’
Solgov agents have no paperwork to be on station/sector from solgov to NT granting them access. (if they actually cook one, be impressed or ask where is the solgov stamp)

Papers Please
‘Oh? no NT approved Visitor pass? gotta process that’
Solgov need a visa to be on station or be considered trespassing. Ask the Hop to begrudgingly entertain them. The crew manifest needs their pictures etc.

Space Mehicans
All can work for Nanotrasen, to the bone
Stowaways are of high value if made employees, give them a new face and ID. The solgov cant prove otherwise. Solgov agents cannot be easily be swayed to serve NT, Stowaways are more than willing. Bonus points if you faceswap a death row imate with a stowaway.

Nanotrasen has jobs!
‘Admiral, manpower shortages have been sorted out’
If the station lacks sec/deputies, you might be able to conscript either side for manpower with some persuasion.


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