Who wants old holoparasite back? (Poll)

What were the old holoparasites like? I don’t really remember/wasn’t around for them.

Here's a detailed list of each class and what they do, for those who want more information


Can punch through normal walls, attack very quickly and takes reduced damage.


Does medium damage and takes full damage, but can enter stealth, causing its next attack to do massive damage and ignore armor. However, it becomes briefly unable to recall after attacking from stealth.


Ignites enemies on touch and causes them to hallucinate all nearby people as the parasite. Automatically extinguishes the user if they catch on fire.


Moves extremely fast, does medium damage on attack, and can charge at targets, damaging the first target hit and forcing them to drop any items they are holding.


High damage resist and medium power attack that may explosively teleport targets. Can turn any object, including objects too large to pick up, into a bomb by alt-clicking them, dealing explosive damage to the next person to touch it. The object will return to normal after the trap is triggered or after a delay.


Normal speed, attack damage and damage resistances. Attacks will apply a field of heavy gravity on the target, slowing them and making them drop held items. Can alt-click ground to manually place heavy gravity fields. Recalling or moving over 10 tiles away from the fields will remove them.


Attacks apply lightning chains to targets. Has a lightning chain to the user. Lightning chains shock everything near them, doing constant damage.


When the host and parasite are out of range of each other, the host teleports to the parasite instead of the other way around. Parasite has two combat modes:
Combat - Parasite deals and takes medium damage
Protection - Parasite deals and takes almost no damage, but has reduced movespeed


Can lay surveilance snares and has two combat modes:
Ranged - Fires a constant stream of weak, but armor ignoring projectiles
Scout - Cannot attack but is nearly invisible, has unlimited range and can pass through walls


Can lay a bluespace beacon and warp targets, including your host, to it. Warping is not instant. Also has two combat modes:
Combat - Medium damage and resistance
Healer - Heals instead of damaging, but has no resistance and slower movement speed

Getting a holoparasite was as simple as picking its “class”. No complicated stats you need to memorize a guide to understand and no risk of completely fucking yourself over unless you chose “Toy” for your class. Just as it’s simpler to get going with your holoparasite, it’s also really easy for the player that BECOMES the holoparasite to know what’s going on - they get a blurb telling them their class and ability and they’re good to go.

But wait, it doesn’t sound like anything was actually added when they were reworked

You would be correct, in fact we lost a few abilities when they were added because the coder tasked with maintaining them was yeeted entirely out of the community before they could finish polishing it. Trust me, they deserved it, but GDPR restricts me from elaborating on why.

  • The old system was better
  • No I like the newer ones more
  • I don’t care either way

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While it would be cool for a rework, the circumstances you mentioned means that it will never be complete.

I see no reason for not going back to the old version, at least until someone is up to the challenge of reworking them.

Is not the old system of holopara was it all random and the player has to adapt. Hmm, I think it is good to let the player choose what he wants from his holopara. For instance I do enjoy the fact we can have bluespace pad holopara it adds some plans to kill your get your targets or items to be teleported there

Also the explosive one is OP if the crew were incompetent enough.

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