Who the hell changed synthflesh and for what reason could that possible be a valid change?

It now additionally requires silver sulfadizine, which requires a lot of chems, so that will be tedious to make manually along with making factories fucking huge. The cloner was almost never stocked up with synthflesh unless cargo ordered some, but now it will be filled even less!

Making silver sulfadizine isn’t too bad, but my problem lies in that we do not have a lot of competent chemists and factories will become huge.

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Thats the point. Its a nerf.
Synth is to powerfull.

But what about the cloner? It will now stay forever empty…

Jeah that is true. Im more of a fan of giving splashed synth an OD.

I mean, it makes sense to have both healing chems since it also heals both damage types. But jeah the synth factory will be even harder to make now.

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just steal burn patches from medbay storage and yeet them into your beakers

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upgrade the cloner, making synthflesh manually isnt hard, the CMO’s locker has a full carton, cargo can order cartons.

welp time to redo the synthfab tutorial in my guide I guess.

I still would like to suggest an OD threshold that doesnt hurt you but stops it working if theres more than x amount present in the body, but if present in the body it buffs the tend wound surgery.

Tho I understand its all on a When You Code It basis

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ok just break into medbay as a greytider and take all their medkits because woops synthflesh nerf so no more factories

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just bother the chemist to make you some, you would have broken in and stole all the medkits anyway

Updating the medical guide. As much as I support a nerf to synthflesh Im afraid this change failed in doing that, synthfabs are still piss easy to make, managed to make one within the same space as before, which only shows how wasteful I was before.

I see this as a botany buff.

a chemical as powerfull as synthflesh should be hard to make

before it was as simple as knowing that adding unstable mutagen to 1u of blood will make it into the sum of its parts (i.e 89 unstable mutagen + 1u blood = 90u blood) and then prefabbing the other two reqs and you could automate it super quickly.

I would even suggest a heating nerf to it, making you get it to a certain temp to react.

I think we are approaching the nerf in a wrong way. If synthflesh is too OP, which in my opinion is, lets change how it works, not how you get it.


perhaps only making it useful for cloning, and making it not heal at all + then reverting the recipie might be a good idea


That might be a good idea, or make it only able to heal burn damage or both and only a little bit of brute. It might then shine more light on alternative medicines, encouraging chemists to make something more complex, leading them to look at other medicines that have nothing to do with healing raw damage, such as corazone, formaldehyde or haroperidol.

Yeah i changed it, don’t clone, tend wounds and revive, factories now need to be bigger and that’s the point, this vote barely passed and it’s a pretty minor change, anything bigger would get downvoted to hell and closed instantly, remember the guy that wanted to add OD treshold ? Well he got something like 50 negative votes, he did try again to nerf it in other ways but that just got closed without a vote. Anyway people like to abuse synthflesh and i doubt there’s gonna be any big nerfs for it as long as it goes thru voting.

democracy was a mistake

Anything wrong with Bicardine/Kelotane?

no they’re scared about not being able to carry 6 bottles of insta-heal around with them.

The ideal change was nerfing how powerful of a healing chem Synthflesh was, but that got downvoted to all hell. Making it harder to create did not for some reason, so the end result is Synthflesh is still absurdly OP but cloning is now harder to supply reagents for.

All healing chems need an OD threshold, or some sort of limiting factor if not an OD threshold, such as having a negative side-effect. The fact an instant-heal for the two largest sources of damage, and most powerful healing chem in the game does not have anything to counterbalance its strength is completely ludicrous to me