Who is your favorite AI

see the title and wish you could make polls with type-your-own-answer options

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M.4.N.1 I think it was.


My vote goes to Terabyte.


M.4.N.1 is great but gone I think.

Samosek and Unsafe are always fun, as is McAstersomething

L.A.M.P.O.S as he accepts the Reportertron Lawset, and does it right


AARKVARD i am scared of them

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Accept no substitutes


Ok there is the thing, i absolutely, positively hate Terabyte.

He cucks me like no AI player ever would. Playing against him is an absolute nightmare, and forces me to sweat to unimaginable levels. I always feel his breath on my neck, and its not an exaggeration. He knows my act and shittery, and thus ( even on Asimov) tries to contain me from the start of the round, to my or his death.

On the other hand, i absolutely, postively respect Terabyte.

He is a formidable opponent, and as much as he is a pain in the ass, subverted he becomes a powerful ally. I was never disappointed when he was on my side, and i saw him pulling 200 iq plays to shift the balance of power on our side.

I think the round we had a week/ 2 weeks ago perfectly describes Terabyte. I was a tator who got outed quite early, so all i did was run around in stealth implant box and pneumatic canon filled with synide cards, trying to eliminate command, sec and validhunters one by one. It was 30 minutes of the most intense tator gameplay i had in a while, trying to outrun Terabyte who was bolting and depowering sections of the station just to contain me/ slow me down. All this while running away from the horde of armed command and security trying to laser my ass.

In the end i managed to get a freeform lawset and ai upload board, in the same time miners got Terabyte combat ai upgrade. What followed was war of terrorism, where i was dehumanized and my every ai upload console bombed to pieces. In the end, i figured the only way to win, was to accept defeat. When i finished building the upload with my last board, the console started ticking ready to explode. But this time instead of running away, i uploaded the onehumaned law, and exploded to pieces with the console.

When Terabytes shell found me, he took me to surgery room, and called everyone who took part in hunting me, to come and laugh, mock and mutilate my corpse. When everyone arrived to this small, confined room, he backed away. In an instant he bolted the doors behind them, and primed the surgery console to explode.

When he finally cloned me, i returned to the station purged of any command, security or validhunters. Those who were left, were too scared or confused to try to stop me and Terabyte casually walking onto the Evac Shuttle and blasting off to greentext town.

TLDR: Terabyte is my favorite AI, tho i would strangle him IRL if i ever knew where his hidey hole is.


AARKVARD is cool and good. always brings in the existential questions
M.4.N.1 is a cute little AI

100% Terabyte, no doubt about it


None. They’re either validhunters or don’t do anything. On golden, at least.


abandon golden. join sage
discover your soulmate AI



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When I played sage Valk was always 100% the best boy AI. No question. When I play golden, in opinion of me, I’d say I’m my favorite AI. Mostly because I’m funny, to me, my best pal.

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Whats your AI?
If I may ask

It’s been a while since I saw them but I remember S.H.O.D.A.N. was neat

Allied mastercomputer be me

You are a good one.

I had you confused for some other asshole for a sec.

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Rest assured, I’m an asshole, but an asshole within the rules.

my favorite ai player is lotus, haven’t seen them for a while though