White_Static Player Report (Accepted)

CKEY: 4rchibald

Your Discord: 4rchibald

Offender’s CKEY: White_Static

LRP or MRP server: LRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Stachu Jones

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01-22-2020

Round Number: 11738

Rules Broken: 1, 3 and 7

Incident Description: As nonantag chaplain Stachu Jones has broken into captains office, need to get cap id is understandable since we were on low pop and had no heads (not so sure about the other gear he has taken but who knows) but with his cleverness he decided that the best way to open a locker is to use emitters, so he broke into engineering, placed locker on the path between SM and emitters and fired not one but all of them. SM was not set up yet, he didn’t bothered with rotating emitters or reflectors, with putting anything between that locker and crystal to prevent laser beams from activating the crystal. I was the witness to that and when I shoved him he instantly responded with harming me with the dark blessing. Once the locker was opened he grabbed what he wanted, left the rest unattended in any way and all emitters still turned on. He was not bothered at all with SM delamination that he was aware of since I told about on the radio he went out doing his griefing.
While I was fixing SM someone cried for help on common, they were apparently being in stunspammed by armsky, when I arrived Stachu was already there, silently watching the scene of assistant Freezing Wave being stunned in armory while the room was decompressed. When I came close to turn of armsky or pull that guy out Chaplain attacked me with his blade once again before I managed to do anything. After two hits, barely standing (hadn’t had a chance to heal after previous attack and damage done to me by heat of delaminating SM) I grabbed one of the guns that was next to me, my bad luck had it that it was temperature gun so I made few uneffective shots at chap in captain hardsuit before he shot me back and finished with the blade. He then pulled other guy out in direction of permabrig but instead of cell he put him in opened locker and removed his enviro suit alongside other items to get him killed.
He then called the shuttle since he was the only one left alive, at the same moment security officer arrived. They both get on the shuttle and I wasn’t paying much attention to them so I don’t know if there was a consent for what happened next (but I can make a quite good guess judging by officer yelling Romeo Cavalet says, “AHH STOP.” Romeo Cavalet says, “GIVE SHOTGUN BACK.” while being beaten), but when I looked at shuttle again he was beating the crap of the sec officer, he was in deep crit before shuttle arrived to centcom.

When confronted on OOC he didn’t see anything wrong with his behaviour which is actually what pushed me to this report


OOC: 4rchibald: But you saqbotaged SM as non antag
OOC: White_Static: i dont
OOC: White_Static: i opened locker with lasers
OOC: 4rchibald: Yes you did
OOC: 4rchibald: And what happened with lasers after locker was opened?
OOC: White_Static: i dont care
OOC: White_Static: what
OOC: White_Static: after
OOC: 4rchibald: That’s why you selfantagged
OOC: White_Static: i mean you was enginner
OOC: White_Static: thats your job to fix sm

Additional Information: As chaplain and nonantag he broke to multiple places he had no access to, had stolen valuable items, caused SM delamination, attacked only station engineer while being in his department and causing said delamination, later once again unattacked killed that engineer and another person and by the end of the round possibly (didn’t see how it started) attacked and deepcritted sec officer (deepcrit only because round ended, he was constantly attacking him so intent was indeed to kill and he managed to do it just after round ended). He felt no remorse after the fact.

Issue was of course reported in-game but as I keep alarming, we often don’t have any admins around which make some people believe they can do anything with no consequences. Actions like this are one of the reason lowpop is trapped in this few people population hole, there have been literally 3 hour rounds that started with one player and ended with one as well because people don’t want to deal with this crap

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Bruh SM emitter delammint could have been an mistake, plus stealing cap’s locker is IC
Kinda redpilled he cucked a plasmeme going into armoury even though that only makes someone valid for sec :flushed:
Kinda redpilled doe…

That do be kinda gay

Not saying it was him but I’ve witnessed the emitters being used for locker opening which is annoying if your still setting up sm

Player has already been banned for a full month for similar behavior. closing thread.