White-faced Capuchin banned by Ethnius

CKEY: White-faced Capuchin

Admin’s CKEY: Ethnius

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Global ban
Ban Length:
**Ban Date
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Possible metacomms with Stalindoge16, beat the warden to death on a greenshift when they got arrested and perma’d auuth vexy.
Appeal Reason:
I was banned on my second or third round playing on the server, when I was new to SS13. I hadn’t read the rules and didn’t know what a greenshift was, or that I wasn’t allowed to attack security as a prisoner. I didn’t know Stalindoge16 (I assume he was the borg who stunned the warden and untied me) I want to appeal because I’ve been told by friends to play on Bee, and have heard good things about it. I never really got a chance to play it, and would like to give it a try keeping the ingame rules in mind.
Additional Information:
Which server did the ban happen on?
Beestation Sage
Ban Type:
Game ban

Neutral Party posting CC record: CentCom | View Bans

User has 2 active perma bans

You should find a vouch from other major/known server admin, the new rule on perma ban appeal requires you to bring at least 1 such vouch

What other servers have you been playing on?

If there has been no reply by the start of the next week, this will be closed as stale.

Marking as denied for now, but I’ll take it back off if @white-faced_capuchin shows up.

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