Which station has the best maint?

of course, the only thing that matters about a map

I’d personally say delta, its maint is big and fun and cool, plenty of nooks and crannies for a stray 'tider to set up shop for nefarious deeds like growing weed and building ripleys to “prank” sec

Pubby purely because cmo has a sex dungeon with a 50u morphine pill handcuffs and a muzzle in it

Pubby CMO’s like to hold hands with people. Disgusting.

cmo opinion doesn’t matter

moth erp is disgustang

wrong opinion

I never said erp. It’s a torture dungeon to creat amalgams of nature. Cough cough moff lizard cat person


Delta literally has the best maint, as you have multiple abandoned department rooms to get free shit, especially the arcade.

I’ve literally never heard of this dungeon. Where is it? I’ve probably seen it, (found a few places with muzzles and stuff) but never noticed the morphine syringe.

As for my favorite maintenance, I like the map with the abandoned bar/gambling den. Literally has 1600 in cash, and a pair of sunglasses. I think I know more sunglasses locations on what I believe is box station, which is a plus.

Delta Maint

Only negative I have ever heard about it was qwerty saying its too big. Which really isn’t a problem if you’re any job without maint access. Honorable mention to Box Maint for all the free space near engineering.

Box has the worst maint that’s all I know

it’s on pubby station just in the maintenance east of the CMO office, it is labeled the examination room (personal), abbreviated to e.r.p. and it’s CMO level access

Never been there then. I do know a map (forgot the name) where there is literally a muzzle, butchers cleaver, and handcuffs literally in arrivals though. Literally asking to be a torture chamber.

I literally don’t pay attention to the names of the maps though, so don’t even bother asking me to name which map is which, I just pay attention to locations.

Delta. Has the best abandoned bar, complete with RAGE CAGE.

Once on mrp engineering claimed that place and turned it into a hangout place complete with floodlights and uranium engineer statues

Ahh, so it’s delta then? Yes, the abandon bar is a nice joint. We usually get stuck on what I believe is meta station, sadly.

EDIT: I think we’re actually stuck on box station, since the hall way looks like a big box.

you play on lrp or mrp cause on mrp we are mosly stuck on box pubby does also have a really nice maint bar in the form of the snake figthing pit

Best maint is the one where you can find a FUCKING EMP and INSULATED GLOVES in just one easy to access room where all greytides and cargonians rush to