Which Staff memeber deserves discord nitro

  • Autisme
  • Superdork
  • Just show me the damm vote
  • Efe
  • Archanial
  • Naevi
  • Cerebral
  • Doktorwueue
  • Aeder
  • Inithis
  • Sergei
  • Hollandaise
  • Yoshimi
  • Catmin
  • Isy
  • Powerful Bacon
  • Tyranicranger4
  • Llol
  • Bloons3
  • Ike

0 voters

Enjoy and PLAY FAIR

Also this is for staff members who don’t have nitro otherwise Ruko, and others would be on it

this is like the kids choice awards, but for a game so ye

im voting for ike so you have to dm him and get muted


give it to bosnia (he’s based)

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good luck letting them know you wanna get them nitro without getting warned lol


feeling unloved with the little votes

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mentors are technically staff

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no, maybe next week but there are too many mentors to make a list

So I forgot a staff member,

  • Cae

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No double voting I WILL KNOW

How the fuck do I have no votes


This is a crime and I wont run any more events unless I’m at least appreciated a little.


Maybe you’ll get your chance next time

Due to me traveling and unlikely gonna have internet I am closing the giveaway early, Ike wins with 20% of the vote congrats Ike


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You permabanned me, uncool! /s

you didnt ping him on discord cringe

Hi. You even included Bloons in the chart, and he’s been gone for weeks now.

You already have nitro though
so i dont think you were forgotten

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