Which background theme do you use?

  • Light theme
  • Dark theme
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where exactly? forums? discord? in-game?

doesnt matter the only correct option is dark mode

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well, I meant ingame but would work as a standard answer anyway

judging <.<
@aramix @taylor


good to see eight precent of voters require commitment in the nearest psych ward


Do most people really use dark mode? That’s a bit weird…

One of the only games or anything where I do.

I’m dark mode anywhere but ss13 because dark mode just looks wrong in ss13 to me.

Light theme is only tolerable when it is arguably light grey rather than eyeball assaulting white.

turns out the forums has a third option called “Vincent” which is also really nice, I’m gonna use it for a bit.

Im typing this with vincent on, its kinda like blue darkmode, not sure how i feel about it…

Admittedly, the whole thing looks abit fuzzier, the aesthetic cohesion is a little less there and the whole thing is a tad rough around the edges. background is a nice change of pace though.

Probably gonna turn it off now.

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