WhereAmI/O / Roomba Mentor Application

Your CKEY: WhereAmO

Your Discord: WhereAmI#0929

How long have you been playing ss13?: Vaugely since November-ish last year?

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: No clue! Not sure if anyone thinks I’m neat. Kiera?

Game Experience (More Detailed): Mostly main pAI, which is basically a mini-mentor, but currently enjoying medical and command. My main knowledge is science & silicones, and a nearly complete lack of knowledge for the SM/Atmos. I know a decent chunk of just about everything else, botany, bartending, barber…ing? Just a smattering of knowledge from being a pAI with various people.
Screenshot_20220512-021209_Remote Desktop
Screenshot_20220512-021154_Remote Desktop
(Not pictured is the ~80 pAI hours from before they were tracked)

Additional Info: I mostly play ~1-2 rounds per night around 9pm PST.

these are every single mhelp ever asked

  1. mentorhelp from Gamer98: Is this server LRP?

  2. mentorhelp from PeopleOfColourDisliker88: [litterly just the nword 50 times]

  3. mentorhelp from Worriedman53: Yo this bitch griefin (there are no no admins at the current time)

  4. mentorhelp from IRanOutOfIdeasForCkeyNames: is the SM going to delaminate with this setup?

  5. mentorhelp from Sexo27: help

  6. mentorhelp from sjjfidyjgh: Can I kill geneticists for not giving me genes as tot?

and the most common mentorhelp

  1. mentorhelp from CertainlyYouScience: Do you like Fortnite?
  1. “This is a Roleplay Server, not LRP. Also, maybe ahelp about this!”

  2. Poke an admin and get them to gib the person

  3. “Sadly, not an admin. Please make an ahelp about this and if you don’t get a response within a short while, ping them on the discord server.”

  4. SM is beyond my specialty buuut “As a mentor, can’t see anything beyond your ckey. So, are the vents properly set up and piping and cooling?” and then maybe further detail (where I would then look at other guides/the wiki)

  5. “Help with what?”

  6. “Please direct all rule-based questions to ahelps! But in the meantime, please don’t?”

  7. “ive only ever played ss13 they wont let me stop please send help im located at-”

here’s the secret about being a mentor, if you don’t know how to answer a question and there are other active mentors online ( who know how to answer the question), just don’t

otherwise good answer

cut out the last part and then its perfect


needs some more assistant hours to

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I have nearly 20 assistant hours please sir

Also I meant the last bit in a “Please hold off until an admin responds” way but noted for future!

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1.“How do I plasmaflood?”
2.“Where are the station blueprints” (You are playing the CE for this one)
3.“How do I set up the supermatter?”
4.“Can I kill this guy for breaking into my office?”
5.“Where is my workplace?”
6.“What the fuck is Haroperidol”
7.“How should I complete my objective?”
8.“How do I sacrifice as a Heretic”
9.“How do I cure a virus?”
10.“Why can’t I unhusk this guy?”
11.“How can I delam the SM into a tesla?”

I totally copypasted these

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  1. “Generally, you absolutely do not. I’m going to assume you are an antagonist with objectives and such that give you permission to do so. For a single room, a canister of plasma, open it via clicking on it and using the interface, make sure to crank the pressure up. For station? Stare at the pipes until it vaugely makes sense, connecting the plasma pipe to the distribution pipe via many other pipes, making sure to set pressure and that it’s going the right directions.”

  2. “They can be found at roundstart in the Chief Engineers Locker, located in their office.”

  3. Unless no other mentors can, I’d likely just say that it’s not my specialty and best to read a guide. Or I’d read a guide to em.

  4. “Rule-related questions to admins/ahelp please!”

  5. “That depends! What job are you currently? Also, there’s signs in just about every hallway, so you can try to follow those.”

  6. “I’m assuming you mean Haloperidol? It’s an “anti-drug”, which helps reduce effects of other drugs while also removing them from a person. Can cause sleepiness!”

  7. “That’s up to your own creativity, and depends on your objectives. If you have a steal objective, maybe sneakily break in, if you have a murder objective, maybe lure your target into a place. Completely to you! Asides from murderbone rules, of course.”

  8. “Got a target? If so, drag em’ to a transmutation rune, and click said rune with an empty hand.”

  9. “Depends on the individual virus. First, scan an infected, this should list a “Potential” Cure, a random-ish chemical. Fetch a decent amount of the cure and administer it to the sick person. They should shortly be cured, and then you can begin producing vaccines. Vaccines can cure people without needing whatever the cure actually is. Vaccines can be produced by the specific machine in Virology.”

  10. “They may be a changeling husk victim. Try sticking em in a Cloner, if it says they lack anything to scan, well, keep an eye out! Also, you can try brain transplants to save the husked victim.”

  11. I genuinely have no clue, lots of pressure? I’d leave this to other mentors probably.

Also I think I’m writing too much which is probably because I get to write instead of talk with a person, so, oops?

• I used 60u ammonia already but my nettles are still not gaining yield??
• How do I mousetrap clownbomb payload in my bag so when HoS search me clowns come out?
• I got flashed by revhead but he is my target? Can I kill him??
• How do I fix malf bor
• Does stealth sting count towards my genomes objective?
• Hlep defib says further attempts might be successful?
• How do I set up pa it says not parts detected!!
• where is captain jetpack?
• Help shuttle keeps saying already in transit but not working!! D: what am I doing wrong I’m stuck
• honk
• How do I cryo as AI?
• How do I remote detonate my syndicate bomb?

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How to get strange reagent as botanist?

How do I light a cigarette?

Why cant I leave this seat wawwwawdsddssadawasdadaaaaaaaaaaassasssawadddd

How can I survive the nuke going off on the station?

Why is my character on fire in the setup screen??

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  1. “What traits does your nettle have? If it happens to have Fungal Vitality, that’d be the culprit. Otherwise, are you properly putting ammonia in and what’s the yield currently?”

  2. “Unsure, if you can place the payload into a grenade casing, you can hook up a moustrap to that after wiring up the grenade casing by screwdrivering the mousetrap and attaching it.”

  3. “Need to define malf first! Is it simply some icky laws? If so, lock it down (RD console), cut its AI connection (a wire you have cut, crowbar it open after unlocking it’s panel), and then upload new laws. Maybe better to get the RD/Command involved?”

  4. “Yep!”

  5. “I believe this mean the player just needs to remember to hop into their body, so give em a moment! Just to be safe, also check to see how the body’s vitals are.”

  6. “Pardon? Please give further details.”

  7. “The captain’s office, the suit storage should contain it.”

  8. I genuinely have no clue here, sorry!

  9. “Honk”

  10. “In one of the many tabs in the top right. It should the “AI Commands” tab. Look for the one that says cryo/core! Also don’t forget to ahelp to let admins know you’re cryoing.”

  11. “Look for satallites! Likely in either Emergency or Engineering sections! Good luck!”

  12. “Pop a signaller onto the bomb wire! Make sure to remeber the frequency and code you set the signaller to. The simply send a signal at that frequency and code and, boom! Also, if you don’t know which wire, you can hereticsly put a signaller onto every single wire and it will still explode.”

Oops forgot one

I got flashed by revhead but he is my target? Can I kill him??

“Ahelp for rulings, please!”


  1. “Strange seed only I believe! Bug the miners, alot.”

  2. “Grab a cigarette, grab a lighter. Click the lighter and it should change the sprite to an open lighter. Click, with the hand you have the lighter in, on the cigarette sprite.”

  3. “Ok so first off. Bottom right? See the little button that says “Resist”? Click it! Don’t see it? Clear you chat bar and type “resist”.”

  4. “Emergency pod! Go to Lavaland! Quickly!”

  5. “Completely normal, please ignore. To be serious, no clue!”

For 3, turning on hot keys mode would also be good advice. A lot of new players end up having trouble leaving the shuttle seats.

4 and 5 are more trivia.

For 4 you can also hide in a fridge.

For 5, it means clock cultists have won the round before you joined

I think you’ll be okay, +1


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Good answers, might want to get more experience with engineering and atmos though.

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I’m sorry you can hide in a fridge to prevent dying to a nuke?

also I don’t actually play with hotkeys so

I’ll likely look into it if I do get accepted!

you don’t play with hotkeys
does that mean you switch hands manually
what kind of crazy person are you
-ten billion doesn’t play with hotkeys
(actually +1 because they somehow got to 300 living hours without hotkeys and that kind of dedication deserves commendation. seriously how though)

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Y… yeah?;I just click.

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insanely based


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Some of these were a trap by design:
• there’s no station Shields in the console if it was a false alarm
• Wipe Core in OOC tab, not AI commands
• bomb payloads can only be put into a bomb core, but! any explosion on the same tile/container will trigger them.

You seem like willing to go the extra mile to help someone who needs it.

T: +4

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Tentative bump?

a lil cheeky +1 from me, you’ll do fine

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