Where is KiloStation?

I’ve played beestation alot and didn’t seen KiloStation even tho it’s in the website “maps” section, why?

kilo is in the deepest and darkest limbo, its cursed, its so broken and everyone trying to fix it gets lost, killed or vanishes in other fashion. in other words very claustrophobic map.

you can check it here

am I the only one who kinda liked kilo? they had rlly good maints and also it was a ‘cozy’ type of experience, so you run into people more often. not really an LRP sorta map, though. nowhere to really hide, and for some reason kilo always has a sec team, in my experience. BUT it was cool one time where there was a zombie apocalypse round and it was rlly cool.
also, im pretty sure the chef has cqc in parts of the cafeteria, which was swag.

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Kilo is my favorite, feels more like a place people would actually live


Kilo is a great map because not only does it feel spacious but the placement of every place makes perfect and really goes with each other. This map really deserves another chance.

kilo gives me claustrophobia but the aesthetic of how departments look makes it a breath of fresh air from how it’s just pubby deltastation and metastation hell right now

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On top of that, I like it cause it starts with asteroids and allows for reliable asteroid mining.

Personally, I like cramped maps like Kilo, they feel very cosy to me. Then again, when it was merged recently, I was playing miner, so I didn’t even get to explore it fully. Either way, I think it’s a lot better to have a variety of maps in rotation with maybe 1-2 questionable ones than just have a select few maps to choose from

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